Enjoy the view selected in the "Top 100 night views" Enjoy the view selected in the "Top 100 night views"

From 123 meters above the ground, the night view from the observation deck overlooking the city of Fukuoka is truly spectacular.
Please enjoy the scenery selected in the "Top 100 night views".
The night view of the glittering city as well as the beautiful sunset over Hakata Bay is truely amazing.

A dramatic view that shifts from sunset to a night view with stardust A dramatic view that shifts from sunset to a night view with stardust

The orange sunset over the glittering sea is absolutely beautiful. You can see the car lights flowing on the city highway at dusk.
During the transition from sunset to dusk, you can enjoy the added bonus of seeing the changing scenery in the same visit. You can only experience this for a short time each day.

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SKY Illumination

A superb night view spot surrounded by lights

SKY Illumination

At night, the phosphorescent stones scattered on the floor shine like stars in the night sky.
The fantastic atmosphere combined with the night view of Fukuoka creates a superb photo spot.
Finding a heart shape might bring you great happiness!?

Lover’s Sanctuary

A heart shaped photo spot where you can take pictures with the Fukuoka scenery in the background.
When couples hold hands and touch the switch, they will be enveloped in the heart light.

Lover’s Sanctuary

Illuminations that color the night sky of Fukuoka

Fukuoka Tower at night is illuminated with designs representing the seasons and brightly colors the night view in Momochi.
(Illumination time: from sunset to 23:00)

See the illuminations


There are various ways to use it, such as dyeing it in the member color of your favorite idol at COLOR ILLUMINATION, or as a surprise for your wedding anniversary celebration. Fukuoka Tower delivers the feelings for loved ones with light.

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Refuge Sky Café & Dining

You can enjoy meals and drinks in an extraordinary space surrounded by glass windows.

After enjoying the fantastic night view created by the streets of Fukuoka and the Lover’s Sanctuary, why don't you enjoy some delicious food and drinks at the Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge which is 120 meters above the ground.
You can enjoy outstanding course meals against a backdrop of the glittering night view, or you can just have a light meal with drinks.

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