360 degree panoramic view of the Fukuoka cityscape and the scenery where the sea and sky meet.

Total height 234m. FukuokaTower is renowned as being the tallest seaside tower in Japan.
From the observation deck on the top floor, which is 123m above the ground, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the Fukuoka cityscape and Hakata Bay.
In the east, you can see the biggest city areas such as Hakata Station and Tenjin. In the west, you can see the waterfront area including the yacht harbor and seaside park. To the south, you can see the cityscape which won the Asian Cityscape Award and the rich green Sefuri Mountains beyond.
To the north, you can see Hakata Bay where the horizon and the sky merge, and you can immerse yourself in a sense of openness that you cannot experience from the ground.

SKY View 123 ( SKY View 123 )

A floor that makes the most out of the Fukuoka view

Fukuoka Panorama

Fukuoka Panorama

The scenery which you can see from Fukuoka Tower has different characteristics at different times of the day.
Hakata Bay is glistening during the day with beautiful sunsets and at night time becomes a romantic view of Fukuoka city. In the "Fukuoka Panorama" screen viewer, you can enjoy the wonderful sceneries as a time-lapse video, and enjoy a whole 24-hour cityscape view in just 4 minutes.

Photo spot

You can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea and city of Fukuoka all at once.
Let's take a memorable photo with the wonderful scenery in the background.

Photo spot

Stamp Rally

On the 3rd floor of the observation deck, which overlooks the city of Fukuoka from a height of 123 meters, we have prepared a stamp rally which contains 6 spots.
Why don't you find popular sightseeing spots and interesting spots in Fukuoka such as Obori Park , Nokonoshima Island, Marizon, Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk?
If you find all the stamps, you can use the Sky Cafe & Dining " Refuge " at a discount price.

Stamp Rally

SKY Play 116

See, experience, and be surprised.
Entertainment floor to enjoy the sky of Fukuoka.

SKY Play 116

SKY Gacha

Catch a gift from the sky

A mysterious "SKY Gacha" where capsules fall from the sky.
It is a large gacha gacha that is so tall that even adults can look up at it.
Capsules are a gift from the sky.
When you open it, you can get Fukuoka Tower goods.
Why not aim to complete all six types of goods? (500 yen once)

Catch a gift from the sky

Omikuji Pinball

Try your luck in the sky!

Fire a pinball into the sky of Fukuoka! The pinball goes around Fukuoka's famous places with a familiar shout at Hakata Gion Yamakasa saying "Oisa!" The fortune telling paper is a Fukuoka tower original version written in the Hakata dialect. If you put it into the "The Wishful Tower", you may be able to expect even more luck! (100 yen each time)

Try your luck in the sky!

Magic Window

What will happen?
This is a virtual reality spot.

When you look out the window, you might think it's just the usual Fukuoka cityscape, but you'll be surprised to see UFOs, robots, and giant Futa suddenly appear in the ``Magic window.''
By combining near real-time cityscape images, you can enjoy a virtual reality world that would normally be impossible.

what will happen? A virtual reality spot appears.

Lover’s Sanctuary

A romantic setting to make your date more exciting.
The Lover’s Sanctuary at Fukuoka Tower has been selected as a popular dating spot for couples.

Lover’s Sanctuary

A photo spot with a large heart shape where you can take pictures with the scenery of Fukuoka in the background. When you hold hands and touch the switch, you will be enveloped in the light from the heart shape.

“Lover’s Sanctuary” has been updated!
Choose from 8 colors to light up the heart

Fukuoka Tower is also popular as a “sacred place for pushing.”
In addition to the service of dyeing the tower body in the recommended color, we have added a production where you can enjoy the recommended color in the Observation Deck!

You can choose your favorite color from 8 colors and dye your heart arch in your favorite color♪
Let's enjoy pushing together with Love Lock and Cream Soda!

"Lover’s Sanctuary" has been updated!

Together forever
Love Lock Legend

Did you know that there is a legend about the Fukuoka Tower Observation Deck that says if you lock an original "Love Lock" on the FukuokaTower oath fence, you will be together forever?
You can write your names, dates, and messages on the "Love Lock" and many couples visit every day.

Love Lock
1Piece 1,000Yen(tax included)

Note: when attaching your Love Lock to the oath fence

  • *Please note that your Love Lock will not open once it is locked.
  • * We do not accept requests for the return of the attached Love Lock .
  • *Please do not attach things other than your Love Lock (for example other keys, five-yen coins, rings, etc.).
  • *Things other than your Love Lock will be removed and disposed.
  • *Please attach your Love Lock on the shaft of the oath fence.
  • *Love Locks attached to other places other than on the shaft (heart part or column etc.) will be moved onto the shaft.
  • * The Love Lock will be removed regularly and prayed for a good match at the shrine.
  • *In addition, please note that the attached Love Lock cannot be returned.

A new color will appear in the heart-shaped padlock "Love Lock"!
Six colors are added: purple, green, yellow, red, blue, and orange. There are 8 colors including the existing pink and gold.
Please make your own Love Lock with your favorite color.
It is recommended not only for lovers, but also to swear love for pushing with the Love Lock of the pushing color and to deepen the bond with friends.

Mini heart arch

A photo spot dedicated to pushing activities

There is also a photo spot for Lover’s Sanctuary.
It is sized to hold a stuffed animal or an acrylic stand, so please enjoy shooting.

Mini Heart Arch, a photo spot dedicated to pushing activities

Refuge Sky Café & Dining

All seats are special seats.
A restaurant in the sky with spectacular views.

Refuge Sky Café & Dining

You can enjoy a superb 360 degree view from 120 meters above the ground. This is a cafe during the day and a bar-style Sky Café & Dining at night.
It is an adult hideaway where you can enjoy a romantic moment while enjoying a lunch under the blue sky, coffee, or a night view under a star filled sky.

SKY Port ( SKY Port )

From sea to sky.
This space has been produced with an underwater theme.

SKY Port ( SKY Port )

Ticket sales box and entrance have been produced with the image of the beach at Momochi. After purchasing the ticket, you will go to the SKY Port.
The soft blue light pours in, making you feel like you are in the sea. It takes 70 seconds from here to the observation floor by elevator. From the sea to the sky, it's the beginning of an extraordinary experience.

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