Notice of temporary closure of Fukuoka Tower

Notice of temporary closure of Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Tower prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, Fukuoka Tower will be temporarily closed from March 3 (Tue) to March 15 (Sun) 2020 in consideration of the safety of customers and employees. I will.

Sales Resume is scheduled for March 16 (Monday), but since there is a case to be changed depending on the situation, with regard to the latest situation, again Fukuoka Tower of HOME we will guide you in the page.

Some of the stores in Fukuoka Tower are open, but they may change depending on the situation.

We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience to our customers, but we appreciate your understanding. We apologize for this short notice.


[Temporary closure period]

March 3 (Tue)-March 15 (Sun) 2020


* Currently, the Nishi-Fukuoka Tax Office's "Reiwa First Year Tax Return Venue", which is being held in the 1st floor hall of Fukuoka Tower, will continue to open as usual during the above period.


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