[Infection prevention efforts] To ensure that you can visit Fukuoka Tower with peace of mind

  • July 19, 2021
  • 2021.07.01

Hello! I 'm Fukuoka Tower sky attendant.

From July 19, 2021, Fukuoka Tower has introduced new equipment to strengthen the prevention of new coronavirus infections and is working to strengthen countermeasures.

Therefore, Futa kun unannounced checks on measures to prevent infectious diseases at Fukuoka Tower! We would like to introduce our efforts and requests to everyone that you can enjoy safely and securely with Futa.

Please disinfect and wear a mask before entering the building!

I'm going to check it out, hoo! !! !!

Because of this unprecedented important mission, when the fighting spirit not to enter Futa along with Mr. Fukuoka Tower to the hotel. First, we ask for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands at the entrance.

Push the disinfectant! And put out...

Fully sanitized fu!

After disinfecting your hands, first go to the 1st floor "SKY Port". We have lost the bench that used to exist and replaced it with a spacious space. Please use it for meetings while maintaining social distance (≧ ◡ ≦)


Then, buy a ticket to head to the observation floor... and before that, Futa , don't you forget something?

Something... I feel like I've forgotten something important

Do you guys already understand? Yes, it's a mask! Alcohol disinfection and ventilation are performed, but we ask you to wear a mask inside the building. When you come to the museum, please bring a mask (.> people <.) I have made a special special mask for Futa who was completely forgotten!

It's a mask for me!

Put on the mask and go to the next mission. We ask everyone who uses the observation floor to measure body temperature. The thermometer uses a non-contact type, so please cooperate before queuing for a ticket purchase.

Body temperature measurement, please Fu!

As a result of temperature measurement, those who have a higher fever than normal heat are not allowed to use it. In addition to fever, customers with cold symptoms such as coughing and poor physical condition should also refrain from visiting the museum.

If you feel good, come visit me and go!

Protect your social distance and buy tickets♪

Futa kun has successfully cleared the three missions of hand disinfection, mask wearing, body temperature measurement. Next, head to the ticket counter. When you line up in a row, pay attention to the new mark at your feet.

I line up with a person about 2 meters apart from the person in front.

The social distance is perfect!

We installed vinyl sheets at the ticket counter to prevent infection. Disinfection bottles are also available right next to the counter, so feel free to use them!

One Concern, Futa thank you one-kun Fu

Money and tickets are handed over from the space under the seat using the cash tray.

Even in the elevator hall after purchasing the ticket, please line up with the person in front of you. Also, it's a bit annoying to take a lot of people in the elevator now. Therefore, the number of passengers in the elevator is limited to about half the number of passengers so far. Of course, we, sky attendant will also wear a mask to guide you (ㅅ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎)

A plasma cluster ion generator is installed in the elevator. Purifying the air.

Two streamer air purifiers are installed in the elevator hall on the 1st floor to purify the air. In addition, three air transport fans are installed to take in fresh outside air and circulate the air.

The observation floor is well disinfected and regular ventilation is perfect

Finally we arrived at the observation floor! On the observation floor, we are careful not to let too many people use it. Even so, if you want to use it in the free time as much as possible, we recommend the morning. Why not look at the city of Fukuoka from the sky on a spacious floor?

In addition, cleaning staff perform small disinfection mainly on handrails, buttons on vending machines, and around attractions that are easy for everyone to touch.

Omikuji Pinball and SKY Gacha can be played with confidence♪

A disinfection bottle that can be used freely is also installed near the elevator on each floor. Please use before and after using the attraction or when moving the floor.

In addition, once an hour, the observation floor will be ventilated at 6 locations on each floor.

There was a window in such a place...!

Restaurants and souvenir shops are also working on measures against infectious diseases

Of course, restaurants and souvenir shops in Fukuoka Tower are also open. We are working hard to prevent infectious diseases, such as wearing masks for staff and installing vinyl sheets around the cash register. At SKY Café & Dining Refuge, a restaurant in the sky where you can enjoy superb views, delicious food and sweets, the number of seats is reduced to limit the number of people in the restaurant.

Who can overlook PayPay dome and Momochihama coast!

It's a luxury that you can relax at the popular cafes. At night, you can enjoy a real dinner with a beautiful night view. Please spend a wonderful time with your loved ones (ㅅ˙³˙)♡


We are waiting for everyone with perfect measures against infectious diseases!


Fukuoka is gradually returning to life. You want to find fun and joy in your new daily life while taking proper measures.

At Fukuoka Tower, all the staff are looking forward to seeing you all. Please come visit us to make fun memories in Fukuoka.

Everyone, come and see me♪

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