Fukuoka Tower was built as a monument for the "Yokatopia" Asia Pacific Exposition, which was held in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Fukuoka City.

It is the tallest seaside tower in Japan at 234 meters high. It has been nicknamed the Mirror-Sail for it's sophisticated triangular prism shaped external appearance covered with 8000 semi reflective mirror panels
The view from the Observation Deck on the top floor, which is 123 meters above the ground, is exceptional and offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Fukuoka City and the waterfront.

Company Profile

Company name Fukuoka Tower Co., Ltd.
Location 〒814-0001 2-3-26 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Capital 3 billion yen
Establishment October 14, 1987
Business description Management of sightseeing and observation deck facilities. Management of transmission tower facilities. Business related to broadcasting communication facility, communication information collection and transmission processing. Event management for music, arts, sports, and other cultural entertainment, as well as facilities management for cafeterias, cafes and shops.
Number of shareholders 49 companies



October 1987
Fukuoka Tower Co., Ltd. was established
January 1988
Construction started on Fukuoka Tower
Foundation construction starting ceremony
Framework‐raising ceremony
January 1989
Cornerstone ceremony
Fukuoka Tower opening ceremony. Asia-Pacific Expo (Yoka Topia) opening.
Fukuoka Tower business started
Asia Pacific Expo finished
Fukuoka Tower reopened


March 1990
Exceeds 1 million visitors
August 1991
Exceeds 2 million visitors
May 1992
Tower hall opened
February 1993
Exceeds 3 million visitors
Fukuoka Fire and Disaster Prevention Information Camera and Radio Wave use started. Nishi Fukuoka Marina Marine VHF Coastguard Station Radio Wave Transmission started
4 stations 5 wave broadcasting transmission started
NHK-Fm radio broadcasting transmission started
FM Kyushu radio transmission started
March 1994
5th anniversary ceremony held
Exceeded 4 million viewers
(Awarded in 1994)
3rd Fukuoka Christmas decoration contest excellence award
April 1995
Illumination for Universiade Fukuoka
February 1996
Exceeds 5 million visitors
(Awarded in 1994)
3rd Fukuoka Christmas decoration contest excellence award
Local Doll Museum
(Shoyukan) opened
Momochi Blue Light Christmas
(Joint light up event)
5 company event committee
(Tower, Marizon, TNC, RKB and Beach Center)
January 1998
Exceeds 6 million visitors
March 1999
Ceremony held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of operation
(1999 award)
Won an illumination award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America


June 2000
Exceeds 7 million visitors
January 2002
Kyushu International FM radio transmission started
April 2003
Exceeds 8 million visitors
April 2006
Digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission started (NHK)
Digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission started (RKB, TNC, FBS and TVQ)
Digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission started (KBC)
April 2007
Exceeds 9 million visitors
March 2008
Certified as one of the Lover’s Sanctuaries
Fukuoka Tower original character Futa was born
March 2009
The 20th anniversary reception event held


January 2010
Exceeds 10 million visitors
December 2013
Tower lighting was renovated as part of the 25th anniversary project (LED conversion)
February 2014
Lover’s Sanctuary renewal
25th anniversary ceremony was held
March 2016
VHF-LOW band multimedia broadcasting started
April 2017
Exceeds 13 million visitors
February 2019
Facility renovation