With Futa, I took a walk around Marizon & Momochi Seaside Park which can be seen from the Fukuoka Tower Observation Deck♪

Hello! I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. As you know Fukuoka Tower has a panoramic view of the city of Fukuoka, and we are often asked by visitors, "What is over there?" There are a few spots which we are often asked, but this is the most frequent one!

It is a building on the north side of Fukuoka Tower.
A stylish building reminiscent of a Mediterranean resort, located on Momochi Seaside Park, a popular artificial beach with a long sandy beach. This place is called Marizon and it is a popular spot for leisure and dating. There is a wedding hall and restaurants as well.

Well, the official character of Fukuoka Tower, Futa also seems to be interested in that building. Let's guide you there with Futa!

I found a recommended photo spot for Fukuoka Tower !
Don't miss Sazae-san's objects, too.

One minute walk from Fukuoka Tower to Marizon & Momochi Seaside Park.

When you across the road on the north side of Fukuoka Tower and go up a few stairs, you will find a small open area. This is another good photo spot with a superb view. It's perfect for taking photos with Fukuoka Tower in the background from here!

So, let's take a photo. Smile Futa♪

I also found interesting objects! Of course, you know who they are?

Yes, it's Sazae-san!

The area around Fukuoka Tower is known as the birthplace of the popular anime Sazae-san. It is known that the author of the cartoon Machiko Hasegawa got the idea of the characters when she was taking a walk along Momochi's beach. It is also recommended to enjoy a walk along Sazae-san-dori Ave which will take you to Nishijin Station (* ´ 艸 `)

It's not just a wedding hall!
There are also many restaurants and marine sport shops.

Marizon has a number of restaurants including an Italian restaurant with terrace seats and a restaurant where you can enjoy barbecue. In addition, at a marine sport shop Alpha Stance, they offer a popular SUP experience (reservation required in advance). How about enjoying the marine leisure while feeling the pleasant sea breeze in the sunny season?

Also, there is a high-speed ferry Uminaka Line terminal which is convenient to go to tourist spots such as an aquarium Marine World and Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. It is good to enjoy a 20-minute ferry ride.

Furthermore, the wedding hall which can be seen from our Fukuoka Tower's observation deck looks like floating on the sea. You can take fascinating photos for the memory of your trip (^^ ♪

The promenade along the beach is perfect way to get to Yahoo Auction Dome and Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi!

Next, Futa will guide you along the beach ♪

If you come to Fukuoka Tower and Marizon from Yahoo Auction Dome and shopping center Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi, please walk along the promenade! It's nice to take a walk while looking at the sea!

Wait! Where is Futa ...!? We lost our tour guide...

It seems like he's gone to the beach (; ∀;) In summer, a lot of people come the beach for swimming. It is very beautiful. You can feel relaxed just by looking the waves♪

But, I'm supposed to be working! Let's go Futa!

Walk along the boardwalk for a few minutes and you will see Hilton Hotel and Yahoo Auction Dome over this Nagisa Bridge.

From Marizon to Yahoo Auction Dome, it takes about 20 minutes walking along the beach promenade.

This is Futa's recommended walking route. After visiting Fukuoka Tower, you can take a break at Marizon. After spending relaxing time while sitting on a terrace seat in a restaurant, why don't you take a walk on the beach taking a camera with you. Well, next time, we will introduce you fashionable restaurants in Marizon. Look forward to it!

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