Look, experience, and be amazed!
Sky entertainment space "SKY Play 116" on the Observation Deck 1F.

Hello! I 'm a sky attendant.

This is the second one in the series of telling you the charm of renewed Fukuoka Tower! This time, we would like to introduce "SKY Play 116", located on the Observation Deck 1F on 116 meters above ground.

A gift from the sky!?
A huge SKY Gacha which will look perfect on Instagram!

After enjoying the spectacular scenery on at "SKY View 123" on the Observation Deck 3F, you can drop in at SKY Play 116. The theme of this floor is "Look, experience, be amazed"☆

First of all, we will tell you about this popular "SKY Gacha" ♪

The reason why it is so popular is how it looks! You'll be surprised to see why big it is ~ !? ✧٩ (ˊωˋ *) و ✧ It will look great on SNS, so don't forget to take a photo.

After taking a photo, let's do the Gacha!

SKY Gacha is 500 yen.

Inside the capsule, there is a figure with the theme of popular places and things in Kyushu.

You will get a little figure of a popular spot or product from each prefecture in Kyushu, including Mentaiko in Fukuoka.

Some people keep trying until getting the one they want! In fact, there are some rare items which aren't shown on the board (´ ・ з ・) it's a secret!!

Why don't you try collecting all the figures!


* Please note that the contents are subject to change without notice.

Try this fun fortune telling! Omikuji Pinball.

Next, we will tell you about fortune telling Omikuji Pinball.

A pinball will be shot toward the sky and falling down to the bottom while traveling around the sightseeing spots in Fukuoka! Where the ball fell will tell your fortune.


Switch on to shoot the ball!

Omikuji Pinball is 100 yen.

Then, you will hear a rhythmic yelling, "Oisa! Oisa!" This is the shout which you would hear at a popular festival “Hakata Gion Yamakasa.” a. This festival which has been familiar to people in Fukuoka has been holding every year from July 1st to 15th♪

Let's get the fortune telling Omikuji paper from the number where the ball fell into.

It is written in Hakata dialect. There are many people who read aloud as if they were local people. Please try speaking in Hakata dialect

By the way, the omikuji I got was the one with middle luck (❁´ω`❁)
Not bad, but I want to improve my luck!!!

In such a case, post your omikuji paper to the "wishing tower" in front of the Omikuji Pinball.

And take a picture in front of the wishing tower with a special pose. Your fortune may improve then☆

UFOs and robots invade the sky in Fukuoka !?
Magic window

"Magic window" on the Observation Deck 1F has been attracting many attention of children. You would think that it is an ordinary window overlooking the city of Fukuoka but...

UFO invasion !!!! = ͟͟͞͞ (๑ò◊ó ノ) ノ

Actually, the cityscape projected on this window is the one from a few minutes ago. Although there is a time lag, it is a near-real-time city view. With combining the view with images on the window screen, this will surprise you. In addition to the UFO attack, robots will be flying around and a ball from Yahoo Auction dome will hit the glass etc ... Of course, this is a popular spot for taking a video as well as photos. Please take fun pictures with your children, friends, boy friends and girl friends!

What did you think? This time, we introduced the Observation 1F, "SKY Play 116". In addition, be sure to check out the Observation Deck on the top floor, "SKY View 123" as well! We hope you enjoy this entertainment space in the Fukuoka sky!

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