Introducing how to enjoy the top floor Observation Deck"SKY View 123"!

Hello! I 'm a sky attendant. Fukuoka Tower has just reopened in February 2019, celebrating its 30th anniversary, but in response to the voice saying "I want to know more about what has changed!", I will tell you how to enjoy Fukuoka Tower in this series. I will ♪

Firstly I'm going to introduce, the "SKY View (Sky View) 123" located on the top floor of the Fukuoka Tower observation deck.

As the name implies, this floor, which is height of 123 meters above the ground, has the best view. It is the best location where you can enjoy not only Hakata Bay which the sun shines brightly, but also the cityscape of Fukuoka and even the sunset and night view in the evening and night.

A hidden method to receive a discount at Sky Cafe!
Search for tourist spots and get stamps.

After you enjoy "SKY Walk 123 steps", I recommend you to get this "Stamp Rally Card" before you walk around the floor!

The six spots are introduced on the card. All these spots can actually be seen from this observatory floor. Well, I found Nokonoshima Island, one of the sightseeing spots on the card. Nokonoshima Island is a place where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and feel relaxed!

If you find one, put the stamp on the card!

Please pay attention to the cute stamps that represent the characteristics of each sightseeing spot! If you collect six, you can receive a discount at the Sky Cafe on the second floor of the observation deck.. The cafe is surrounded by glass windows and recommended for dates ♡

Enjoy the 24-hour time-lapse scenery from Fukuoka Tower

The last one I want to show you is Fukuoka Panorama!

Views from Fukuoka Tower are beautiful not only on sunny days, but also for sunsets and night views. However, depending on the day and time you visit, you may not be able to see the night view or it can be raining.

This "Fukuoka panorama" shows you a 24-hour view from Fukuoka Tower in a 4 minutes video. Enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the sea at night and daytime, while comparing it with the actual scenery. There are also beautiful images of the morning glow that you can't usually see, so please check it out. (* ^^ *) ノ

What did you think? This time, we introduced the popular spots of "SKY View 123" on the Observation 3F. You can enjoy not only the lively stamp rally, but also the time will pass before you know it, even if you just stare at the ocean and cityscape. It is recommended that you find a way to spend your time there that suits you.

Next time, I would like to introduce "SKY Play 116" on the first floor of the observation deck! Please look forward to it.

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