[Official ★Commentary] What's in Fukuoka Tower?

Fukuoka Tower is more than just enjoying the scenery!
Fu! !

Enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of Fukuoka's spectacular scenery.

If you come to Fukuoka
We recommend the Observation Deck on the top floor of Fukuoka Tower ♪

A panoramic view of the sea and the sky.
Don't miss the powerful 360-degree panorama.
The day when you can see far away, the sunset when the sun sets, and the night view,
Burn it into your heart as a wonderful memory and take it home.

Introducing how to enjoy Fukuoka Tower top floor Observation Deck!

About The Observation Deck

★Illuminations that change depending on the season

The view from the Observation Deck is not the only way to enjoy Fukuoka Tower !

In fact, Fukuoka Tower itself is beautifully decorated with illuminations!
Colors and designs change with the seasons.
Pay attention to the photogenic moments!

Pay attention to the LIGHT UP that changes with the season and Events !

See the seasonal illuminations

Popular date spot ♥ Lover’s Sanctuary

Kale Kano is a Lover’s Sanctuary.

A two-shot taken with a heart-shaped object. A Love Lock that locks into the oath fence.
There are plenty of great spots to liven up the romantic atmosphere!
I can't stop feeling excited and excited!

Spend a romantic day pledging eternal love at Fukuoka Tower

See the Lover’s Sanctuary

Sky restaurant with a magnificent view

Have a dreamy meal time at the sky restaurant with one side of glass.

No matter where you sit, everything is a special seat. Perfect for special occasions.
On the anniversary. To the party.
If you want to spend your precious time, we recommend Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge.

A restaurant in the sky with a spectacular view at a height of 120m

About Refuge

Get active at Fukuoka Tower!

The Love Lock of Fukuoka Tower is not only for Karekano.
Surprisingly, it is also attracting a lot of attention as a key to fostering love for your favorite!
After getting the Love Lock, enjoy the recommended color cream soda.
With this, my love for oshi is forever...

Introducing the “Oshikatsu Course” to enjoy at Fukuoka Tower

See promotions at Fukuoka Tower

Marizon& Momochi Seaside Park is right next door.

1 minute walk from Fukuoka Tower.
Marizon& Momochi Seaside Park are also must-sees!
A perfect spot for shopping, dining, marine leisure, and more.
This is an area where you can enjoy a different world in the middle of the city.

Full of restaurants and marine sports shops

View Marizon& Momochi Seaside Park

There are so many other charms of Fukuoka Tower!

If you think, "Wow, this might be amazing," please come and visit Fukuoka Tower ♪

Check the transportation ACCESS to Fukuoka Tower !


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