"Oshikatsu" at Fukuoka Tower!
Get the favorite color Love Lock and enjoy the favorite color soda at the observatory cafe

Hello! I 'm a sky attendant.

Recently, I often hear "Oshikatsu". It is an activity to support “push” such as favorite idols and characters. There may be some people who say that their daily life is fulfilling, such as being able to study and work hard every day, making new friends, and so on.

So, this time, we will introduce the "Oshikatsu Course" that you can enjoy at Fukuoka Tower!

The "Oshikatsu Course" starts from the Observation 1F! Get your favorite color “Love Lock”

You can enjoy Fukuoka Tower by moving from the "SKY SKY Port " on the First Floor to the Observation 3F "SKY View 123" at 123m above the ground by elevator. The normal route is to enjoy the scenery and attractions while descending from the Observation 3F to the 2nd and 1st floors.

However, if you want to enjoy the promotion, it is recommended that you arrive at the 3rd floor and enjoy the scenery, then head to the Observation 1F.

Fukuoka Tower is known as a Lover’s Sanctuary . The Observation 1F is popular with couples for its romantic performance, but in fact, it's a hot topic as a hotspot!

What you want to get right away is the heart-shaped padlock "Love Lock".

In addition to pink and gold, you can choose from eight colors: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and orange. In addition, white will also appear soon.

Once you've chosen your favorite color of the Love Lock, there's a pen and a stand nearby, so you can write your message to the Love Lock.

Please pack plenty of love for your favorite.

After writing a message, go to the shooting corner right next door!

At Fukuoka Tower, there is a “Heart Arch” as a photo spot, but surprisingly, a “Mini Heart Arch” exclusively for Oshikatsu has appeared.

Perfect for oshinui and acsta photography! We also have Akusta, the recommended character, so please enjoy shooting together.

Cafe time 120 meters above the ground with cream soda in your favorite color♪

After taking pictures of the mini heart arch, take Love Lock to the Sky Cafe & Dining " Refuge " on the Observation 2F .

A restaurant in the sky where you can enjoy meals and sweets with a view from 120 meters above the ground.

The popular item here is the "Colorful Cream Soda", where you can choose your favorite color!

There are 7 colors of cream soda that will make you excited just by looking at them.

In addition, there are sweets that are perfect for those who want to cheer on all the members of the group, and for gatherings of friends who support their activities.

It is recommended to take a picture with the Love Lock as well.

That is the Rainbow roll parfait! As the name suggests, it is a voluminous parfait with seven colors of sweets in one.

It is recommended to share and eat with everyone!

From the café, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Fukuoka, so enjoy the wonderful scenery and delicious sweets while taking pictures of Oshinu and Axta.

Lock the Love Lock with love for your favorite!

Once you've tasted the sweets, take your "Love Lock" back to the Observation 1F.

Head to the Oath Fence, where the "Love Key Legend" says that if you lock the love Love Lock, you will be bound forever.

Lock the Love Lock with love for your favorite!

I remove the attached Love Lock every two years and pray for fulfillment at the shrine.

It's okay to take Love Lock home as a souvenir, fu!

Illuminations that dye Fukuoka Tower in colors are also popular!

On your favorite debut anniversary or birthday,
on the day of the concert
Why don't you dye Fukuoka Tower in your favorite color?

Fukuoka Tower is popular for its illumination at night. In fact, we offer a service where you can LIGHT UP in your favorite color for only one group per day.

Eight colors are available. They are red, orange, pink, purple, white, yellow, green and blue.

Not just one color, but multiple color combinations are OK! You can also combine the color illumination of your favorite color with the illumination of hearts and fireworks.

LIGHT UP Fukuoka Tower in your favorite color!

See color illumination

Have fun with concerts and Events

Fukuoka Tower is not far from each facility, a 15-minute walk from Fukuoka PayPay Dome , and a 15-20 minute taxi ride from Marine Messe and Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall.

By all means, please enjoy the promotion at Fukuoka Tower along with concerts and Events .

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