[Power spots around Fukuoka Tower] From the sacred place of Arashi fans to the shrine where you can enjoy a superb view

Hello! I 'm Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. There are only a few things going on in 2020. I went to visit the power spots around Fukuoka Tower, hoping that next year will be a fun year full of bright news! Introducing a shrine full of mysterious power that you want to stop by during your trip.

"Sakurai Shrine" where fans of national idols and Arashi gather

"Storm" will be suspended at the end of 2020. Not only the fans, but also those who felt the break of one era by the news of the suspension of activities. There is a shrine in Fukuoka that is said to be a sacred place by fans of the idol "Arashi" who represents Japan. That is "Sakurai Shrine" in Itoshima City. Yes, there is a shrine with the same name as member Sho Sakurai!

Sakurai Shrine is a shrine consisting of "Sakurai Shrine", which was founded by Tadayuki Kuroda, the second feudal lord of the Fukuoka domain, and "Sakurai Daijingu", which enshrines the spirits of the inner and outer shrines of Ise Jingu. As a god of marriage and warding off evil, we are gathering faith. At the votive tablet, there are a lot of votive tablets with the wishes of Arashi fans. Fans are visiting from all over the country.

In addition, "Sakurai Meotoiwa" in Futamigaura near Sakurai Shrine is enshrined as Ura Shrine of Sakurai Shrine. When you visit Sakurai Shrine, be sure to visit here as well. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening.

"Washio Atago Shrine" with a panoramic view of Fukuoka's town and the Genkai Sea

It's a two-shot with Hozukin-chan, the support ambassador of Atago Shrine.

Next, I visited "Washio Atago Shrine" in Atagoyama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka. Along with Tokyo and Kyoto, it is popular as one of the "three major Atago in Japan". In addition to marriage and good luck, it was once known as the "forbidden god" of all kinds of prohibition and smoking cessation. On the day I visited, I distributed cute coasters of "Amabie", a youkai that seals evil spirits, and "Yogennotori", which is said to have predicted an epidemic in the Edo period.

The plague escape Fu! !! !!

The fun after visiting is this superb view! Since it is located on the summit of Mt. Atago, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Fukuoka Tower, the city of Fukuoka, and the Genkai Sea from the precincts. In fact, Atago Shrine is also said to be a famous place for the first sunrise of the year. Just seeing such a wonderful view seems to give you energy.

For those who are "Hana Yori Dango", go to the sweet teahouse "Iwaiya" at the entrance of Atago Shrine. Founded in 1689, it is a long-established store. In addition to the famous "Iwai Mochi" that is perfect for walking around, "Abekawa" with plenty of kinako and shaved ice for a limited time are also popular. Perfect for taking a break ◎

"Torikai Hachimangu" that connects with God

"Torikai Hachimangu" in Imagawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka is a shrine with a history of about 1700 years. It is said to be one of the oldest shrines among the many Hachiman shrines. There are three sacred trees in the precincts, one of which is this "couple shrine".

Torikai Hachimangu is known as the god of marriage. This camphor tree has come to be called "couple shrine" because its trunk seems to split into two and snuggle up to each other. Many colorful strings are tied to the Shimenawa of Meotoiwa. This is a "string of rims". Of the two strings, one can be wrapped around a couple shrine, one of the "cycad" or "breathing ginkgo" shinboku, and the other can be wrapped around your belongings or room. , It is said that the relationship with God is tied. There are 10 colors for the string. Each color makes sense, so choose the one that suits you best.

In the precincts, there are shrines where various gods are enshrined, such as "Kuroden Shrine," "Tenman Shrine," and "Ebisu Shrine." In addition, there are "Immortal water" that has the benefits of immortality and longevity and beautiful skin, and "Nadeushi" that is said to cure the disorder by stroking the same part as the illness or injury. I will.

Discover the "Indian God" right next to Fukuoka Tower!

Lastly, I would like to introduce a slightly unusual power spot located right next to Fukuoka Tower. There are 10 statues of gods near the intersection where you can see the Fukuoka Tower in front of you. You can have a mysterious experience here!

Fu standing at this sign in the center of the square and clapping his hands!

Actually, when I stand in the center of the square with this statue and clap my hands or raise my voice, I hear it echoing for some reason. This is called the "screaming dragon" phenomenon. The echoing sound of the surrounding buildings makes it sound like a dragon rising to heaven. A mysterious spot that is not well known to those who live in Fukuoka. Please try it out.

How was it. Please visit the power spots around Fukuoka Tower and enjoy your energetic trip ♪

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