"Fukuoka Airport" is a condensed version of the charm of Fukuoka! Enjoy gourmet food, sweets and souvenirs ♪

Hello! I 'm Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. It was visited and this time Futa, air gateway of Fukuoka "Fukuoka Airport". It takes about 5 minutes by subway from Hakata Station to Fukuoka Airport, and it is famous as an airport close to urban areas. The domestic passenger terminal building at Fukuoka Airport has been undergoing renewal for several years. Even if I live in Fukuoka, every time I visit, I'm happy to discover that "Oh, this is also new!" This time, we will mainly introduce the observation deck area that was just renewed in August 2020.

Beer Marche SORAGAMIAIR to enjoy the observation deck area

A lot of planes are lined up in front of me! !! !!

First, go to the observation deck area. The observation deck, which was renewed in August 2020, is spacious and has excellent visibility! You can see the takeoff and landing of many airplanes up close. The large aircraft that passes in front of you is impressive. There are various designs, and not only children who like vehicles but also adults can enjoy it.

In addition, LED lights are embedded in the floor of the deck, and it LIGHT UP at night! Dating at the airport at night seems to be fun with a different atmosphere than usual ❤

If you want to enjoy such an observatory deck more, you should definitely visit the Beer Marche "SORAGAMI AIR" ♪ You can enter from the observatory deck.

Up to 400 people can enter the spacious store! (As of October 2020, the number of seats has been reduced to prevent the spread of infection.) Enjoy Kyushu gourmet foods, mainly in Fukuoka, such as seafood bowls where you can enjoy fresh fish caught in the Genkai Nada, Hakata's famous chicken skin, and grilled ramen. I can do it. It's good to enjoy a good-value course meal, or to pinch lightly until boarding time. Not only alcohol, but also soft drinks and cafe menus, so it's nice to stop by even one cup and enjoy the atmosphere unique to the airport ♪

Beer is the protagonist of the beer garden! We have a wide range of premier malts, trendy tap beers, and non-alcoholic beers. Beer cocktails were especially appealing to me! Here, you can find beer cocktails in collaboration with local ingredients such as Fukuoka's specialty Amaou and Yamecha, Oita Kabosu, and Miyazaki's Hyuganatsu.

It ’s Kampai at Fukuoka Airport ♪

Immediately order "Fukuoka Amaou Beer" ♪ It is a slightly sweet and fruity beer that is easy for women to drink. The companion is a taco with plenty of Kyushu vegetables. This time, I sat in a seat near the terrace and enjoyed watching the scenery, but the spacious interior also has a large screen.

The runway and sports broadcasts are being broadcast, so it is recommended to enjoy it at the seats inside the store on days when the weather is a concern.

Buy stylish Fukuoka limited souvenirs at "HIGH TIDE STORE" ♪

This time, eight new stores have appeared in the commercial facility area that has been renewed along with the observation floor. The cafe "Campbell Early" by a long-established fruit shop in Fukuoka and "Takenoya", a yakitori and seafood dish, are lined up. Among them, "HIGH TIDE STORE" is a must-visit for trend-conscious people. A stationery manufacturer in Fukuoka that is loved around the world and has a directly managed store in Los Angeles.

I think there are many people who have seen fashionable stationery and notebooks once. Although it is such a HIGH TIDE, the shops at Fukuoka Airport are lined with fashionable items that are perfect as souvenirs. First of all, here.

"TABI-MONAKA", which was created under the theme of "travel" in collaboration with the Japanese sweets shop "Tokinose", which has a store in Umihachimangu, Kasuya-gun, next to Fukuoka City, is made with red bean paste. Lemon mint and mocha. The stylish packaging is also attractive while it looks like a ticket. It's a perfect snack not only as a souvenir, but also when you're traveling or want to take a break at your destination.

When you buy it, it will be put in a fashionable paper bag with an airplane design ◎

In addition, souvenirs unique to Fukuoka such as "Fuku Udon" supervised by udon writer Kon Inoue and drip coffee in collaboration with Fukuoka's popular coffee shops "manu coffee" and "COFFEE COUNTY" A lot of coffee. This shop is perfect for those who are looking for stylish souvenirs.

Check out the food court, "Ramen Runway" and "Sweets Hall"

In addition to the renewed area, Fukuoka Airport has been introducing new areas one after another in recent years. If you visit, you want to go around and enjoy yourself. First, "the food time". It is a very fashionable food court with illuminated signboards in a calm wood-like area.

It's a food court with an adult atmosphere!

Now, enjoy the restaurant "Fugetsu" popular menu "beef butter baked" in gradually established store "Inaba noodles" Hakata noodles that buzz and Tenjin, such as "Tenjin BBQuisine", gathered popular restaurant eight stores of Japanese and Western! There is also a menu only here, and you can enjoy authentic gourmet food even at the food court.

Also, if you want to enjoy ramen that you can't miss when it comes to Fukuoka, head to the Ramen Runway. Not only popular shops in Fukuoka such as Ramen Kaimei and Mohikan Ramen, but also famous shops all over Japan such as Teshikaga Ramen in Hokkaido and Mankai in Osaka are gathered.

Of course, leave sweets to us. "SWEETS HALL", where popular sweets shops in Kyushu gather, is an area unbearable for sweet tooth ❤

There are 14 stores such as "Ito King", which is popular for sweets from Fukuoka Prefecture, and "Chocolate Shop", a long-established chocolate specialty store born in Fukuoka. The most eye-catching is the "L'UNIQUE chick", which is greeted by a big golden chick.

Here, we sell "Matoi Hiyoko" limited to Fukuoka Airport. Hiyoko, who wears bitter chocolate on the famous confectionery Hiyoko, is different from the past. The package is also full of luxury.

Not only family and friends, but also elderly people will be pleased! This is a must-buy souvenir.


How was it. At Fukuoka Airport, you can enjoy Shopping and gourmet food as well as boarding an airplane. Why don't you come and visit the airport with a little space?

ACCESS from Fukuoka Airport to Fukuoka Tower

About 50 minutes by bus from the bus stop in front of Fukuoka Airport to Fukuoka Tower[in front of TNC Broadcasting Hall]

20 minutes on foot from Nishijin Station on the Subway Airport Line , or about 10 minutes by Nishitetsu Bus Bus from the bus stop in front of Nishijin Palace

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