A refreshing drive on the seaside mochi with the double-decker bus "Fukuoka Open Top Bus" without a roof!

Hello! I Fukuoka Tower sky attendant staff. I want to experience the city of Fukuoka, which I visited with all my might, without leaving anything behind. Therefore, I would like to recommend the "Fukuoka Open Top Bus". Take a double-decker bus without a roof and go around the city of Fukuoka! You can enjoy sightseeing in Fukuoka that is full of power and exhilaration, unlike cars, trains, and just buses. It's exciting to hear that the locals living in Fukuoka also know about a different city of Fukuoka! Immediately, I experienced it with Futa kun.

Experience the "Seaside Momochi Course" where you can enjoy the scenery along the sea in Fukuoka

The Fukuoka Open Top Bus has three courses. First of all, "Hakata Street Naka Course". We will visit Kushida Shrine, which is the stage for entering Kushida at Hakata Gion Kinugasa, Fukuoka Castle Ruins, Hakataza, and Nakasu. If you want to enjoy the night view, go to "Fukuoka Glitter Course". You can enjoy the evening and night views of Fukuoka. Of course, the Fukuoka Tower is LIGHT UP! If you are lucky, you may be able to witness the moment of lighting.

And finally, this time, we have experienced the "Seaside Momochi Course". It is a course that goes around the standard spots of Fukuoka along with the scenery along the sea such as Fukuoka Tower, Fukuoka PayPay Dome and Hakata Bay.

The start is Fukuoka City Hall in Tenjin. Tickets can be reserved by phone or online, but if there are vacant seats, you can purchase same-day tickets at this "ticket counter".

Hey, please give me a ticket!

In addition to selling frozen towels in the summer, we also offer free rental of ponchos on rainy days and windbreakers on cold days.

Now, get on the train immediately after purchasing the ticket! Because the set is a 20 minutes before departure, it is recommended for commemorative photo before boarding ^^ Futa, a click ♪ together with the older sister of Basuana

Depart from the middle of Tenjin! !!

The tour is about to begin ٩ (ˊᗜˋ *) و

Height 3.2m! An exhilarating drive is like an attraction ♪

When you get on the bus, your line of sight is 3.2m high. The signboard of the road sign, which is usually in a high position, looks so close. It was a midsummer day, but when the bus started to move, I could feel the wind and felt very refreshed!

Feel the wind, Banzai Fu! !! !!

When entering the city highway from the general road, everyone said "Banzai !!!" in response to the voice of the Guide's older sister. There is also a signboard with a height of 4.1m that you can pass through without worrying about it! From here, the speed of the bus will increase rapidly. When I run on a curve, it feels like a roller coaster and I get excited.

Look at the shipyard from above, or look at the islands in Hakata Bay.... As I was enjoying the scenery slowly, I finally saw it on my left!

A dome, a tower, and a click to commemorate Fukuoka's representative sightseeing spots ♪

"Fukuoka PayPay Dome", "Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk" and "Fukuoka Tower"! It is a tourist spot that represents Fukuoka, but in fact it is quite difficult to take a picture of these three lines, so this is a valuable shooting spot (≧ ▽ ≦)

After that, the bus that got off the city highway passed through "Architect Street" where unique buildings are lined up, and went to Fukuoka Tower again.

Fortunately, the bus stopped at the traffic light and I was able to take a perfect commemorative photo ♪ If you are on a night tour, it is the best position to see the LIGHT UP perfectly!

After that, the bus will go around Obori Park and Fukuoka Castle Ruins. This is a spectacular spot where cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring. The Guide will teach you how to enjoy each area and episodes related to it, so it will be helpful when you stop by later.

The last spurt is Akasaka Keyaki Dori. Large zelkova trees are lush on both sides of the road. Shops with a fashionable appearance match the atmosphere of the city that changes with the seasons. Depending on Basana, we may tell you the recommended shops ♪

Free buses in the Fukuoka metropolitan area on the day of boarding! Full of great deals such as discounts on Fukuoka Tower

All tours are 1 course for adults 1,570 yen, 4 years old to elementary school students 790 yen (children under 4 years old cannot board for safety reasons). On the day of boarding the open top bus, you can use the bus in the Fukuoka metropolitan area for free. In addition, discounts on admission and admission to Fukuoka Tower, Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka City Museum, etc., and special benefits at designated cafes and restaurants! Open top bus tickets are required for free rides and discount services, so even if you are going on an evening or evening tour, you should only issue the ticket first.

An open top bus that allows you to enjoy the city of Fukuoka in a compact size of one hour. It is also perfect for preliminary research before sightseeing. It is also recommended for locals living in Fukuoka as the usual town looks a little different. Please enjoy the exhilarating bus tour!

I want you to watch the video too!


Fukuoka Open Top Bus

official website https://fukuokaopentopbus.jp/

Reservation by phone / 0120-489-939 (Kyushu Express Bus Reservation Center)

Book online /


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