To Fukuoka's most popular drive spot "Itoshima"! Go from Fukuoka Tower to a one-day beach drive ♪

Hello! I Fukuoka Tower sky attendant staff. We guide customers every day at Fukuoka Tower, but we may also tell you recommended sightseeing spots. Among them, this time we will introduce "Itoshima", a drive spot especially recommended for young women and couples!

A 30-minute drive trip from Fukuoka Tower. Go to Itoshima full of hot spots♪

Itoshima is a city adjacent to Fukuoka City, which is adjacent to Karatsu City in Saga Prefecture and the prefectural border. A popular area blessed with beautiful sea and mountains, and recently many people have moved from outside the prefecture such as Tokyo. In addition, there are many craftsmen in the city, and there are many workshops where stylish craft works by craftsmen such as pottery, leather work, and woodwork products are lined up. Some of the shops are visited by celebrities...! There are many specialty bakeries and fashionable cafes, so it's perfect as a date spot for young women and couples. However, traveling by car is convenient because the areas that can be visited by bus or train are limited.

This time around, the most popular drive course. It is a seaside route aiming for "Sakurai Futamigaura", a scenic spot that has been selected as one of Japan's 100 most scenic spots. It takes about 30 minutes by car from Fukuoka Tower if there is no traffic jam and no detours, but this route is very tempting. Since it's a big deal, I enjoy driving while visiting the hot spots with Futa kun ♪

Great on Instagram! To popular photo spots in Itoshima

If you come to Itoshima, you should definitely stop by the Instagram-worthy spot. In the daytime, the blue sea and the blue sky, and the color of the sky is a gradation during sunset. Both are outstandingly photographed! Not to mention the beautiful sea and gourmet food, of course, if you want to upload photos to Instagram, there are recommended spots that you want to shoot here.

It looks like I came to a tropical resort to play

First of all, here! Palm Tree Buranko ♪ Located on the grounds of "Zauo Itoshima Main Store" where you can enjoy seafood dishes. If you start rowing, you will feel like you are flying over the sea. It looks like you can take romantic pictures.

I want to take more powerful pictures! If you are interested, how about this?

You can eat it! !! !! !!

A huge shark appears next to the swing! Please take a powerful picture with the camera angle and expression.


Furthermore, it is said that "#Jihangun" is about 5 minutes by car from here. A photo spot that utilizes a spacious parking lot, where you can find yellow vending machines and other objects that are perfect for shooting.

Cafe lunch with a tropical vacation feeling while watching the beautiful sea

While looking at the sea, stop by the photo spot and finally arrive at the intended Sakurai Futigaura!

It is a scenic spot that was selected as one of Japan's 100 best beaches and 100 best sunsets in Japan. The most important thing to see is the white torii gate on the sandy beach and the Meotoiwa rock that is connected to it by a large rope.

There is a torii gate in the sea and it has a mysterious atmosphere!

This area is also popular as a beach, and many families enjoyed playing in the water on the day they visited ^^ There are also many fashionable cafes and gourmet spots nearby ♪ I'm hungry soon, so I'm Futa with me. Go to a popular cafe!

It is a restaurant "Palm Beach" of the resort mall "Palm Beach The Gardens" overlooking Futamigaura ♪

Luckily on that day, I went to the terrace.

The scenery and food are the best!

Local ingredients such as Itoshima vegetables and Itoshima pork are used abundantly in the pizza and pasta overlooking the sea. There are also sweets and meat dishes, so it is recommended to use it at a cafe or dinnertime◎

There is also a cute cafe like this when you go a little from Sakurai Futigaura (≧◡≦)


"London Bus Cafe" is a cafe that uses the classic bus that was actually used in London. You can eat hot dogs and coffee, but gelato is the best choice!

The type of gelato that appears every day seems to change. You can eat it on the bus or take it out. Please check it out♪

Seafood and vegetables.. direct souvenir shop is recommended for souvenirs of local ingredients

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to a direct sales place that is perfect for purchasing Itoshima souvenirs. In Itoshima, there are many direct sales places for agricultural products, and in addition to fish, vegetables, and fruits, processed goods that are perfect for souvenirs are sold.


The most popular is "Ito Sai Sai"! Among the many JA direct sales offices nationwide, it is a popular store that boasts the highest sales in Japan.

Once inside, Itoshima ingredients are ready for the season! In addition, Itoshima gourmets perfect for souvenirs such as sweets, cheese, dressing, jam, local sake are gathered.


However, the inside of the store is too large ... If you want to finish shopping more quickly, why not try "Shima no Shiki", which is just a 10-minute drive from Sai Sai Farmer.

Great value for fish and meat! One big sea bream costs less than 1000 yen...!

We also found yogurt in collaboration with Fukuoka's specialty "Amaou" ♪ Please enjoy shopping unique to the local area.


How was it. If you have a car, you can fully enjoy the sightseeing of Fukuoka Tower and Itoshima for one day ♪ You can see the beautiful sunset if you head to Itoshima from the afternoon in Fukuoka Tower in the morning. Enjoy Fukuoka's number one drive spot, Itoshima, and Fukuoka Tower!

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