Look, eat, move and enjoy baseball! "BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKA" experience report ♪ Part 2

Hello! I 'm Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. This time, we will deliver the second part of the experience report of Fukuoka's latest spot "BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKA".

Introducing the charm of Japan's leading baseball players! "Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum"

The memorial hall "Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum" of Sadaharu Oh, a baseball player representing Japan who served as the director of Fukuoka Daiei Hawks and the World Baseball Classic Japan National Team, has been relocated and renewed.

In the history zone, the achievements and charms of Mr. Sadaharu O are fully introduced.

Today's hero is me Fu!

I also found a spot where I can feel like a player and take a commemorative photo ♪


At "89 Park", you can experience the world of baseball while moving your body with all the attractions provided.

In "Hawks DASH" where you can compete with active players for running speed, you can compete with Imamiya to see which is faster! The staff in suits do their best to dash! !! !!

"Catch & Throw", where you can experience defensive practice, catches the ball and quickly and accurately throws it to the designated player to compete for points.


In addition to this, there are various attractions such as "Strike Out Challenge" and "Pro Level Pitching" where you can experience the speed of the ball thrown by a professional player up close.

"MLB café FUKUOKA" to enjoy the world of MLB

If you move your body a lot, get hungry! At E-ZO FUKUOKA, there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious gourmet food. "The FOODHALL" is lined with restaurants that are attracting attention, such as the first store in Japan, the first store in Japan, and the first store in Kyushu. I'm wondering which restaurant to eat, but Futa chose this "MLB café FUKUOKA"!

My beautiful sister is calling Fu ❤

"MLB café FUKUOKA" on the same floor as "The FOODHALL" is a restaurant filled with the world of MLB. In the store, broadcasts of Major League Baseball and Hawks will be broadcast, and you can enjoy popular gourmet food at MLB stadium and premium food limited to Fukuoka.

You can enjoy Major League games on a big screen!

An adult-like bar counter, a full range of merchandise counters, and an interior that makes you want to hang out. Not only the atmosphere but also the food is authentic. This time, I ordered "Tetsuwan Chef Tom Douglas's original burger" in collaboration with a famous American restaurant and "Kale salad" limited to Fukuoka.

The hamburger has thick putty and is very juicy! The nutritious kale salad also contains popcorn, so you can enjoy not only the taste but also the texture ◎

Full of volume and full of stomach!

Vivid fantasy space "teamLab Forest"

After the meal, I visited the new museum "TeamLab Forest" by Art Collective TeamLab, which consists of "Catch and Collect Forest" and "Athletic Forest". In the "Catch and Collect Forest", colorful trees and animals are projected, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

It’s like I’m lost in a mysterious world.

If you download the dedicated app, you can use your smartphone to capture and collect the various animals displayed.


"Forest of Exercise" is a new "creative exercise space" that trains spatial cognitive ability with the concept of "capturing the world with the body and thinking about the world three-dimensionally". Enjoy the view of the world with your whole body.

The art space with vivid colors using the latest technology is also outstanding in photo quality ♪

Enjoy with "E ・ ZO FUKUOKA" and "Fukuoka Tower" set ❤

How was it. "E ・ ZO FUKUOKA" was introduced in two parts, the first part and the second part. In addition, Yoshimoto Kogyo's new permanent theater "Yoshimoto Fukuoka New Theater" and HKT48 exclusive theater are scheduled to open. It's a walking distance from Fukuoka Tower, so please enjoy it as a set!

In the first part, we will introduce popular attractions such as "Superb View 3 Brothers" and "V-World AREA"!

See the first part of E-ZO



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