You can walk from Fukuoka Tower! Latest spot "BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKA" experience report ♪ Part 1

Hello! I 'm Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. Introducing this time is Fukuoka's latest spot "BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKA". The latest entertainment facility that just opened on July 21, 2020!

"BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKA" is located right next to "Fukuoka PayPay Dome", the home of the professional baseball team Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. You can also visit on foot from Fukuoka Tower.

Enjoy the latest entertainment & gourmet♪

Gourmet and entertainment can be enjoyed at "E-ZO FUKUOKA". It is a fulfilling spot where both baseball lovers and non-baseball enthusiasts can fully enjoy the day, such as "3 Superb Views", which has attractions that first appeared in Japan, and "MLB café FUKUOKA", which is full of the world of MLB.

Three attractions including the first appearance in Japan "Three superb views"

Immediately after arriving, we headed to the "Three Superb Views"! It is especially attracting attention among E-ZO because you can enjoy three spectacular attractions including the first appearance in Japan.


Before the opening, Futa and I were looking forward to the first attraction in Japan, "Tsuri ZO". It is a single-seater hanging rail coaster installed on the roof of the building.

From the starting point, you can see Fukuoka Tower over the dome, but the highest point is 60 meters above the ground! You can enjoy the spectacular view of Hakata Bay...

It's high enough to scoop your feet! !!

Futa kun doesn't dare to stand too high. Instead, the one who challenged me was a colleague of Futa.

I wish you all the best!

Get ready and leave! The fishing ZO is a complete analog that moves according to the inclination of the rail and the weight of the passenger. However, the speed is quite good.

Go ahead and go Fu

On the way, the speed increased steadily……

Here is the most fearful spot!


There is a rail just installed so that it projects from the building. If you like screaming machines, you will definitely be satisfied. However, the person who can afford to enjoy the superb view on this coaster is quite a strong man. This is a thrilling attraction that courageous people should definitely try.


Next, I enjoyed "Nobo ZO", one of the "three superb views"!

Climbing and bouldering. The color of the stones used is set according to the degree of difficulty, so beginners to advanced players can enjoy it. The climbing point in the photo is about 50m above the ground!

I also challenge! If you do your best to climb up, you can enjoy the magnificent view on the right hand side!

If you sweat while climbing or bouldering, go to "Sube ZO", the last of "3 Superb Views".

This is also the first slider to appear in Japan, a tube type slider with a total length of 100 m made along the wall of a building. Of course, it's not just a slide. After slipping out, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Hyakudohama area at first. After that, there is plenty of playfulness and plunge into the area where you can enjoy the production of sound and light in the darkness.

At the end of the slide, we arrived at the first floor of the building. The staff who said "I'm not good at superb view machines" enjoyed this place to the fullest!

The latest virtual attraction "V-World AREA"

Next, I visited "V-World AREA". You who thought "Is it a common arcade?" Are different. Actually, this is not just a game, but a game where you can experience the latest virtual technology. 16 kinds of contents including the first advance in Kyushu are prepared.

A futuristic atmosphere Fu!

Among them, the staff recommends "BEAT SABER". This is a VR music game where you cut blocks coming from the front with a sword in both hands.

As it is simple, adults and children can enjoy it.

In addition to this, "mass game" that incorporates simple calculations, "table soccer" that uses 10 types of buttons, and "dynamite pose" that is a new sensation posing action are all crazy.

There are many more "E ・ ZO FUKUOKA"! Continue to the second part

"E ・ ZO FUKUOKA" full of attractions. It is unlikely that we will be able to deliver it once. There are many things to enjoy that I haven't introduced yet, so I'll introduce the rest in the second part!

Fu who will deliver the second part as it is ♪

Next time, we will introduce "Oh Sadaharu Baseball Museum" and "MLB café FUKUOKA"! looking forward to.

See the second part of E-ZO


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