Illuminations in each season ★Pay attention to the LIGHT UP that change depending on the season and Events !

Hello! Fukuoka Tower sky attendant . You all know that Fukuoka Tower is LIGHT UP night. Various colors and patterns are projected depending on the season and Events , but I think that there are surprisingly few people who have seen them all. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the seasonal schedule of when and what kind of LIGHT UP can be enjoyed.

Enjoy the spring illuminations with cherry blossoms at night

After all, spring is "Sakura". Fukuoka Tower is also dyed in cherry blossoms. Also pay attention to the illuminations where cute cherry blossoms flutter down. You can also see the cherry blossom mark from Obori Park, so why not enjoy it with the cherry blossoms at night at Maizuru Park, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot?

[Period] Early to mid April

The cherry blossoms at Fukuoka Tower are in full bloom♪

Make summer memories at Fukuoka Tower with couples and families

You can enjoy the Milky Way before early summer. Introducing a glittering LIGHT UP that glitters like a star. The constellations of the Summer Triangle are represented, and shooting stars occasionally appear, so don't miss it. Furthermore, the "Tanabata Festival" is held every year from July 5th to 7th, which sandwiches the July 7th of the Tanabata performance. Fairs are lined up in the open space in front of the tower, and bamboo decorations appear on the observation floor. There is also a special discount on admission fees for couples who are in long-distance relationships, such as Orihime and Hikoboshi, and couples who are usually assigned to work alone and live apart. Also, on the day of July 7, a special version of "LOVE Illuminations" that lights the heart on the tower will be specially lit for 5 minutes from 20:00, 21:00! Don't miss this too (❁´ω`❁)

[Time] Mid June to early July

In August, when the summer is at its best, cute goldfish will appear. A red goldfish that swims in Suisui and Fukuoka Tower , which makes you feel as if you are looking into an aquarium. Of course, it lights up even during the Bon Festival. Please come to Fukuoka Tower after the evening to cool off with your children and grandchildren who have returned to Fukuoka Tower . The night view floor with a beautiful night view is perfect for making memories with your family!

[Time] August

Please come and visit Fukuoka Tower at night for a cool evening ♪

Full of Events ! Photogenic autumn LIGHT UP

Following the August goldfish, rabbits will appear. In September, you can enjoy a LIGHT UP with the theme of moon viewing. Fukuoka Tower full moon in Fukuoka Tower has a clear rabbit. If you shoot Fukuoka Tower and the full moon in the night sky on the day of the 15th night, it will be a very photogenic piece.

[Time] September

Halloween is the biggest Events autumn! Fukuoka Tower always has a slightly different horror taste!? Pumpkin lanterns and suspicious Western-style houses appear. Enjoy Halloween costumes and take a commemorative photo in front of Fukuoka Tower . Let's enjoy Halloween night (.ӧ◡ӧ.)

[Time] Mid-October to late October

Wear a costume and take a commemorative photo!

Events filled winter will be lively LIGHT UP !

Illumination season has arrived! Fukuoka Tower also colored in Christmas color. During this time, the trees around the tower are also LIGHT UP fantastically. It is also recommended to enjoy a full course dinner at Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge on the observation floor. Enjoy a Christmas-like romantic date ꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱ .*˚‧♡

[Period] Mid-November to late December

When Christmas is over, it's New Year. At the beginning of the year, we will deliver a LIGHT UP image of the happy first sunrise. By the way, Atago Shrine, which can be reached in about 10 minutes by car from Fukuoka Tower, is a recommended "first sunrise" spot. After seeing the first sunrise, let's go to the shrine for the first time.

[Period] Early January

February is Valentine's Day. At Fukuoka Tower, a big pink heart is projected to support the couple. The night view from Fukuoka Tower is very beautiful and romantic. Furthermore, Fukuoka Tower , which is a " Lover’s Sanctuary ", is a power spot for romance ❤ It is perfect for inviting people who want to get along with you on a date.

[Period] Early to mid February

Illuminations of that national anime Sazae!

Furthermore, at Fukuoka Tower, there is a LIGHT UP that appears only for three days a year. That is the illumination of that national anime "Sazae-san".

In fact, the coast of Momochi , which is right next to Fukuoka Tower , is the place where Sazae-san came up with the idea. The street connecting the entrance of Seaside Momochi Fukuoka Kaihin Park and the Wakiyama intersection in Sawara-ku, Fukuoka is known as " Sazaesan Street". At "Sazae-san Week" in the latter half of May every year, various Events are held in the neighborhood. Sazae-san's illuminations will also appear at Fukuoka Tower! Don't miss the LIGHT UP featuring Sazae-san's face!

How was it. The LIGHT UP Fukuoka Tower that I casually watched. Actually, there were so many variations. In addition, there will be special LIGHT UP that we haven't introduced yet... LIGHT UP time is from sunset to 23:00. There is also a special performance once an hour. Look forward to how Fukuoka Tower will be LIGHT UP tonight.

What kind of LIGHT UP today?
Check here if you want to know in advance♪

Today's Illumination

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