Perfect for a night date! Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge where you can enjoy the night view and an authentic dinner course

Hello! Fukuoka Tower sky attendant . Fukuoka Tower , you can often see not only family and friends but also couples and couples visiting and having fun. I am glad that you chose Fukuoka Tower as a place to date with your loved ones.


We would like these two people to visit "Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge" on the observation floor. Delicious course meal at a restaurant with a view of the night view .... It's perfect for a royal road date that girls long for! This time, I enjoyed the feeling of dating with Futa(*'▽' *) ♪

From sunset to night view...Overlooking the glittering city of Fukuoka♪

Refuge of the charms of Refuge the spectacular view from there. The interior is entirely covered with glass, reminiscent of an aerial garden. No matter which seat you sit in, you can enjoy beautiful scenery. Reservations are required by the day before. Reservations will be made from 17:00, which is dinner time, but we recommend starting at the same time as the sunset.

Cheers while watching the sunset! Romantic foo ❤

A couple seat that allows two people to sit side by side is also recommended for couples. The seats have a high back, giving you an open view of the city of Fukuoka while maintaining a private feel.


By the way, another customer has already booked for this day. Me and Futa were guided to different seats. After all, couple seats are popular! Early reservation is essential.


As the sun sets, the city of Fukuoka below begins to twinkle.

Dinner while enjoying such a beautiful night view. It excites the mood of dating.

It’s a beautiful night view that you can watch forever.

Authentic course "Full course pair dinner in the sky" where you can eat both fish and meat

Next is the introduction of cooking. Dinner courses start at 4,500 yen, but if you're traveling with two people, make sure to have a pair dinner. The recommended "Full Course Pair Dinner in the Sky" is 13,000 yen (tax included) for up to 2 people.

It's a gorgeous meal that feels the chef's spirit ♪

The contents are assortment of five kinds of appetizers, pasta, fish dishes, sorbet, grilled domestic beef loin, dessert platter, bread and coffee. Meat dishes are domestic beef that the chef is particular about.

Appetizer that goes well with wine. It is popular with women who want to eat various things little by little.

Appetizers and fish dishes change depending on the day

You can change the dessert plate here to a whole cake with a message. Some people want to visit as a celebration of their birthday or wedding anniversary. Please feel free to contact us at the time of booking (*◕ᴗ◕*)

Reservations ・ Inquiries TEL ・ FAX 092-833-8255

Refuge more about Refuge

Leave a surprise proposal to Fukuoka Tower !

A full-scale dinner course with a beautiful night view ... The only thing you can't do without using this situation is "proposal" ❤ It's a royal road proposal that girls once admire.


Of course, even after the cooking has settled down, if you want to make an unforgettable surprise as a once-in-a-lifetime memory, "HEART ILLUMINATION" is recommended!

" HEART ILLUMINATION " allows you to light the heart illuminations on Fukuoka Tower at the desired date and time. After a meal, how about a surprise proposal in front of the Fukuoka Tower, which was lit for your loved ones? A situation like a romance movie will be an important time that you will never forget.

A special heart illumination that can light up the symbol tower of Fukuoka only for two people.


When I was a proposal...

A dinner course at Refuge , perfect for a romantic date. It is of course used by only two people, but the party course is also substantial, and there are many people who are also used for weddings after parties and commemorative dinners. Please use it when you want to spend a special time.

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