Thrills and a bit of fear await you in an impressive experience!
NOBOLT at Marinoa City FUKUOKA will refresh your body and soul♪

Hello! I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. There was a place I was always interested in lately... Finally I visited the place with Futa! It's "NOBOLT" in Marinoa City FUKUOKA !

About 10 minutes by car from Fukuoka Tower! You can also take a bus or even walk there from Fukuoka Tower.

Opened on September 14, 2019, "NOBOLT" is located in Marinoa City FUKUOKA, one of the largest outlet malls in Kyushu It is in Nishi-ku in Odo. About 10 minutes by car from Fukuoka Tower. If you take a bus from "Fukuoka Tower South Exit" to "Noko Ferry Terminal". It's about 10 minutes walk from there. You can also take a bus to "Marinoa City FUKUOKA" if you change buses at "Nishishin 4-chome" when coming from "Fukuoka Tower South Exit". If you catch a bus from "Momochi Chuo Park West Exit" bus stop, which is 10 minutes walk from Fukuoka Tower, you can also get to "Marinoa City FUKUOKA" without changing buses. There are various ways to get there.

It's nice that you can enjoy the scenery while walking to the bus stop.

Cube-shaped entertainment facility "NOBOLT" will catch your eyes. Let's check it out!

“NOBOLT” is one of the largest indoor facilities in Japan which combines sports, athletic and entertainment. I heard about a fusion between digital technology and activities. I wonder what the place looks like. I'm excited, Futa.

Digital technology? ? Ooooh, you can play video games?

No, I don't think so.

I was surprised when I entered into the place. It's so wide!! This is a box-shaped space with an area of about 4,000 square meters and a height of about 20 meters. In the back, I can see many interesting attractions.

Looks fun! I wanna go now!

Hold on a sec. First we have to check in.

If you are a new customer, first you will write your name and address in the Terms of Conditions form. There is also floor guidance video, so you can get prepared!

Then Fees at the central reception counter. (* Basically, you need to make a reservation in advance on the Internet, but if there are vacant seats, you can also accept it on the day.) There is a time limit of 2 hours and you wear a color-coded wristband. The regular plan is 2,900 yen on weekdays (height 110 cm or more, weight 20 kg or more), and the kids plan is 1,000 yen on weekdays, 1,500 yen on weekends and holidays (3 years old or older, less than 110 cm tall or less than 20 kg weight). Accompanying person can enter for 500 yen. *Initial registration fee of 300 yen is required separately.

* Fees as of July 2023 (For details, seeThe official HOME pagePlease verify)

So, I'm shorter than 110cm tall and lighter than 20kg. Am I applicable for the kids plan?

Admission fee includes special socks. Because trampolines are slippery, you have to wear these socks. They are in vivid yellow with cute characters♡

Humph, they're cuter than me ...

Please check the board at the entrance for the status of the day ticket.

We are finished checking in! Let's go play Futa !!

Enjoy the digital world using your body. All new type of attractions are here!

There are 16 different types of attractions in the facility. Staff will be supervising all the attractions, so it is safe. First of all, let's go to the "Trampo Zone".

In the square trampoline zone, you can jump on the trampoline and dive into the foam cubes, and there are also basketball game zones! You will be surprised how high you can jump. It feels so good! The zone where you can dive into the foam cubes is actually quite scary. I'm sure you will scream.

You were screaming weirdly hehe ♪

Well! You try it for yourself Futa! You would definitely scream too

No I don't wanna, please stop.

Jump here!


See, I told you

phew ... trampolines are a thrill that you shouldn't underestimate.

Also, in the trampoline zone, there is a "VALO JAMP." You can see you jumping in the screen and play games. It is interesting. You can feel as if you have become a main character of the game ♪

A zone where you can enjoy popular bouldering without a harness.

Do you know where I am?

This is the attraction “C-sports zone” which combines digital technology and sports. You will move your body while watching the screen to challenge the game. Sensors attached to the monitor can detect the player's movement. This is how it works. Great futuristic feeling! !

"Athletic maze" which children will love. There are many tricks in the complicated maze, such as balls, slides and a place where you can do shooting. I saw the kids were having lots of fun in the maze.

There is also a "Sports Action Zone" where you can play kick darts, table tennis ping-pong, target darts and street basketball. The kick dart with which you kick a ball and try hitting the target. It's actually pretty difficult ...

It was scary but now I feel refreshed! Enjoy thrill and excitement at the same time.

At the back of this big hall, there is an area where you can enjoy attractions which require wearing a harness and helmet. You will need to wear shoes. If your shoes are suitable for this, you are OK to wear yours. However, there is also a free rental service.

This "rope mountain" catches your eye. An athletic attraction with a maximum height of about 13 meters.'s definitely high! !

A maximum height of about 13 meters is equivalent to the fourth floor of a building. I wonder how I feel if I go up there....

Have a go!

So let's challenge! ! First of all, if you experience the height of the second floor ... you are not surprised. Let's go to the fourth floor at a stretch!

This attraction has a total of 44 types of athletic, all connected in a spiral, but you can also choose from which floor to experience.

What's wrong with ya?

Futa, I can't move ... I'm sooo scared.

Oh, it was scary. But the "feeling of accomplishment when you've done it" and "exhilaration of being able to walk in high places" are really worth trying! A staff told me that an 80-year-old woman climbed to the top the other day. … Wow, amazing! !

Gliding from the height of about 13 meters at the top of the rope mountain, the "bird glider" is a thrilling attraction which you can experience centrifugal force. Your body will sway from side to side!

*Bird glider costs extra: fee 600 yen on weekdays / 800 yen on weekends and holidays.


After that, you can enjoy a variety of climbing walls.

You can climb 21 different kinds of walls of 8 meters height. The shape and level of difficulty are also different. Colorful and cute ♡

A wall with which you climb up on buildings to the highest one. Then you can jump off from the top.

I only got a taste of the mood.

This climbing wall is the same scale as the one used for competitions. The climbing speed can be measured.The climbing routes are set for beginners and intermediate level people.

All of these are thrilling attractions. But if you try these with your family, friends or as a couple and share your screams, you can have double the fun. Including scary attractions, everything will become fun experience!! I heard many people actually become addicted.

There is also a space where small children who aren't eligible to use these attractions can play.

Lastly, I'll talk about the baby area where children under three years of age can have fun. In addition, there is a café next to it so that parents can sit down there and watch their babies. This is designed to be dad and mom-friendly with little kids.

There are lots of playground equipment that small children can play with peace of mind. Moms and dads can have a cup of tea or coffee while watching their babies. How nice!

Let's have something to eat or have a cup of coffee or tea after playing!

Anyone can use the adjoining “NOBOLT CAFÉ”. Not only drink menu such as coffee and smoothies, but also meals such as hamburgers are served. Lemonade using homemade lemon syrup is recommended for its refreshing sweetness!

There are many items in their menu, but the most interesting one is "NOBOLT Burger". You can add up to 10 patties!

It looks like Fukuoka Tower ! !

I had so much fun at “NOBOLT”, where I always wanted to come to, and my stomach is now very full, too.

It's also a stress relief!

Well, in the end, it's a shopping time at "Marinoa City FUKUOKA" ♪ It is one of the largest outlet malls in Kyushu. I can find attractive prices everywhere~. Playing, eating and shopping. It was a very enjoyable day!


Because you can play at "NOBOLT" for maximum two hours, it is easier for you to plan the day! You can enjoy a superb view at Fukuoka Tower in the morning and have fun at "NOBOLT" in the afternoon ... Why don't you plan spending a fulfilling time on your holiday?



Address Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Nishi-ku, Odo 2-10-76

TEL 092-884-0810 (representative) / 092-884-0812 (cafe)

Business Hours 11:00-20:00 (Last entry 18:00, weekends and holidays 9:00-20:00 (Last entry 18:00)

*Information as of July 2023. Please check the official website for the latest information.

official website


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