Spend a refreshing time at “Nokonoshima Island Park” where seasonal flowers await you!

Hello! I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. I am often asked about recommended sightseeing spots, but there is my favorite sightseeing spot that I definitely want to tell you. This is the island you can see from Fukuoka Tower Observation Deck .

That is Nokonoshima Island♪

Nokonoshima Island is an island located in Hakata Bay, a 10-minute from the tower by car or a 10-minute from the tower by ferry. It is a popular tourist destination where you can spend a relaxing time unique to the island. Nokonoshima Island Park on the island is a tourist spot visited by a wide range of generations, including families, couples, women's groups, and elderly people. Let me show you the charm of the island together with Futa!

From Fukuoka Tower, It takes a minimum of 30 minutes by bus and ferry! Feel free to enjoy an island trip ♪

Let's head to Meinohama Ferry Terminal first to get to Nokonoshima Island from Fukuoka Tower. First, we are going to Fukuoka Tower South Exit bus stop. From the bus stop, we are going to take Nishitetsu Bus No. 312 "Marina Town Noko Ferry Terminal." It takes about 15 minutes to get to Meinohama Ferry Terminal.

Buy a boarding ticket, and you can enjoy a 10-minute ferry ride♪

Let's go to Nokonoshima Island by ferry!

From the ferry, I could see Fukuoka Tower perfectly! You can also see Yahoo Auction Dome on the left side of the tower. This is a special souvenir photo that can only be taken on board (≧ ∇ ≦ *)


The ferry arrives at Nokonoshima Island Ferry Terminal. To go to Nokonoshima Island Park, we took Nishitetsu Bus "Island Park" from here. It took about 13 minutes, and finally we arrived at Nokonoshima Island Park! !! !!

First of all, we had a special "sweet potato tempura" & orange juice!

Immediately after arriving at the Nokonoshima Island Park, we smelled something yummy... We found old ladies were selling sweet potato tempura and orange juice. Let's fill up your stomach first!

A fluffy potato tempura. It's so sweet❤


This sweet potato is grown by these old ladies. One piece is very big and makes your stomach full. The 100% orange juice, which is a specialty of Nokonoshima Island is a refreshing juice with a moderately sour taste and natural umami. It goes perfectly with the sweet potato tempura!


After eating, you can finally start sightseeing!

According to the guide map, it seems that there are various spots such as souvenir shops, coffee shops, and pottery shops before getting to the cosmos field where we want to visit. This will be fun!!


As soon as I started walking, I met such a wonderful flower garden!

It's so beautiful that I can't help taking photos❤ You can see various flowers. I saw many people saying "What is that one?" " I think I like this flower!" and so on. Everyone was talking about flofwers ~!

Just like you went back to old days. You can feel full of nostalgia hare at "Old Memory Street."

As I walked while looking at the beautiful flower fields, the atmosphere around me began to change. From here, we are entering "Shihide-dori" where you can enjoy the nostalgic cityscape!

This shop attracted our attention first.

Old sweets and toys are lined up, and you will think about old days when you were a child. You can enjoy talking about old memories. We also found recommended souvenirs!

The Nokonoshima Island original packaged soda is good to drink while walking around the park. In addition, "Nekonnyaku jelly" made from Amanatsu mandarin oranges is the most popular souvenir. It is a product that is also purchased by many tourists from overseas!

Also, a nearby shops are selling pottery. And here, they don't just sell pottery. But also you can make your own bowls using a potter's wheel!

I wanna try it, too!


Furthermore, next to that shop, people can do a ceramics painting experience!

How about leaving a wonderful scenery you saw on your trip on a ceramic plate? (❁´ω`❁)


In addition to this, there are many things to see on this "Old Memory Street" !

This is Shimaya shop selling souvenirs at a house which was built in 1875 and relocated to here.

Café Yumeji, where you can enjoy sweets in a shop that gives you a retro atmosphere.

Here at Warabe Museum, you can see paints created by a painter born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Nishijima IMitsuo. He actually painted on the shoji sliding doors there! You can see many of his artworks.


It's even fun just to look around in the shops.

To the flower garden where you can enjoy a spectacular view of seasonal flowers and the sea!

After walking through "Old Memory Street," you finally get to the flower field! At Nokonoshima Island Park, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal flower fields such as rape blossoms in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, and daffodils in the winter.

The autumn we visited there was around the time when Cosmos was in full bloom!

It's a fascinating place where you can enjoy the sea and cosmos together.


You can see cosmos from the beginning of October, and the best time to see it is around the beginning of November. In front of the flower garden, there are shops and restaurants that sell ice creams, and there is also a lawn field where you can lie down. Many couples and families were enjoying on the day we visited there. Why not spending a relaxing time in the cosmos field as long as you like?

Also, from the lookout point right next to the flower garden, I could see Fukuoka Tower on the opposite side !

A specialty of Nokonoshima Island that you must eat before you leave is★ Noko Udon!

After spending relaxing time looking at flowers, let's fill up your stomach with delicious meal. If you want to eat a popular gourmet at Nokonoshima Island Park, Ko-chan Udon restaurant is recommended.

You can eat, Nokonoshima Island specialty, Noko Udon here. A udon noodle with a chewy texture. This time, I ordered Kama-age Udon. In addition to Noko udon, there is also standard warm udon available on the menu. I ordered Maruten Udon, which is very popular in Fukuoka as well as Maruten Udon!

Noko Udon is thin but has chewy texture, and Maruten udon has a mild flavor broth that matches to the taste of Maruten. Both are so delicious! It didn't take long to finish eating all! Udon can be eaten inside or outside. There is also tables on tatami space, so you can enjoy your meal even with children.


In Nokonoshima Island Park, there are other spots where you can interact with goats and rabbits, a barbecue house, and a dog run, so you can fully enjoy the day. There are even lodging facilities, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the island at night.

On the way home, get a souvenir at a shop located in front of the ferry terminal!

You must check the souvenir shop located in the front of the ferry terminal before you go home! This place is perfect to get souvenirs at last moment.

There is also such a fashionable cafe and general store!

This noconico café sells goods specific to Nokonoshima Island, so please stop by. If you have time before going on a ferry, we recommend taking a break with sweets ♪


How was it? The bustling city of Fukuoka is of course fun, but why not spend some time relaxing on the island? Please also enjoy Nokonoshima Island, a healing island, when you come to Fukuoka Tower !


Nokonoshima Island Park

Address Nokonoshima Island, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

TEL 092-881-2494

Business Hours 9:00 to 17:30. Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 18:30 (up to 17:30 in winter)

Open throughout the year

Admission fee 1200 yen for high school students and above. 600 yen for elementary and junior high school students. 400 yen for 3 years old and above.

official website http://nokonoshima.com/


Access to Nokonoshima Island from Fukuoka Tower

From Fukuoka Tower South Exit bus stop, take the Nishitetsu Bus No. 312 "Marina Town Noko Tosenba" to "Meinohama Tosenba." 10 minutes by ferry from Meinohama Tosenba.

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