You'll want to tell everyone on SNS! Fukuoka Tower's best Instagram spot.

Hello! I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. At Fukuoka Tower, where you can enjoy the spectacular view from the observation deck floor, there are a large number of customers with cameras. As if you were enjoying a walk in the sky, you can take commemorative photos with the cityscape and Hakata Bay in the background. But that is not the only photogenic spot in Fukuoka Tower. I would like to tell you about recommended photo spots that are perfect for Instagram! You may become popular on SNS...

If you want to take a best shoot of Fukuoka Tower, look for a big camera!

Some people think that taking a good picture of tall Fukuoka Tower requires some tips. When you try to get the whole figure of Fukuoka Tower, the person in the photo may become too small, or if you try taking a photo focusing on the person's face, the tower may get cut off. But there are spots where you can take the best shots very easily. That's this big camera on the side of Fukuoka Tower CITY SIDE GATE (south exit).

Futa , do you know how to use this camera?

Just press the button on this camera!

Well actually, you can put your smartphone in the center of this camera. Set your smartphone camera to selfie mode ^^ After that, adjust your standing position and take the photo!

It's so simple yet I can take such wonderful photos! You don't need any difficult adjustments, and you also don't have to ask anyone to take the photo for you. It makes it easy for couples and close friends to fit in the photo together❤


Also, the recommended shooting spot is "The place where the ocean meets the sky" at CITY SIDE GATE (south exit). The tower symbol is very cute ♪ Seeing as we are here, let's take a commemorative photo of Futa.

Do you know where I am right now?

Before going up to the observation floor, let's go to the photo corner in the "SKY Port" on the first floor♪

After taking a perfect commemorative photo from outside Fukuoka Tower we headed to the observation floor. But before that, there is another good spot for taking photos in the "SKY Port"on the first floor. Let's check this out, too.


It is a photo shooting spot on the way to the elevator hall after you have purchased a ticket. If the weather is bad, you can't take photos with clear view outside or you may want to take photos with a night view...If so, it is recommended to use this photo spot. Our photographer will take a photo for you with the night view background as if you were there at night time (´∀`*).

After visiting the observation deck floor, you can purchase the photo. You can also purchase this in a form of digital data so you can upload it to your social media, too!

Daytime, evening and night. The views you can see from observation deck floor change a lot throughout the day, so there are plenty of photos you can take and post on your Instagram.

Finally, in the main observation deck floor, this superb view is the most popular one! Everyone want to take photos for their memory (* ^-^ *)

Of course, this is not the only photogenic spot on the observation deck floor. For example, here is another spot popular with couples, good friends, and families.

A heart-shaped object perfect for a Lover’s Sanctuary where couples promise eternal love. When you touch on the switch on the left and right side, the heart will light up in red, so don't miss the moment! There is a photo shooting stand in front of the object so that you can take a picture of yourself!

There are also recommended photo shooting spots on the observatory deck floor from evening to night, which are only available during those hours. First of all, one with this sunset!

The slowly setting sun makes the sky a beautiful gradation, allowing you to take photos of a beautiful scenery. There is also another photo shooting spot where visitors even line up at night time.

The floor with many phosphorescent stones shines like stars in the night sky, creating a fantastic space with the night view of Fukuoka. When visiting Fukuoka Tower at night, you should definitely take a picture even if you have to line up ★

If you like sweets, you definitely want to eat! Perfect for Instagram.

Scenery and fashion, pets, etc.,the categories of photos posted on Instagram vary, but above all, the most popular one must be a "food". Among them, sweets are the ones you can't miss! There is a delicious and cute popular sweets at the Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge in Fukuoka Tower .

That is the Rainbow roll parfait ❤

Getting the idea from the height of Fukuoka Tower, which is 234 meters, the height of this parfait is approximately 23.4 cm. Role cakes and the ice cream are piled up on a plate with a view of the seascape of Fukuoka. Many people get excited to see this when they are brought to the table.

Even if you don't use SNS, these sweets will make you feel like taking a photo. Of course, the taste is also delicious, so please spend a relaxing time after enjoying watching the wonderful view (✿˘ 艸 ˘✿)


In Fukuoka Tower, you can take many photos that are sure to look good on SNS. In addition to this, there is a face panel, and sometimes there are special spots at events that make you want to take photos, so there are also plenty of photogenic tricks. Please discover good spots with your camera.

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