Fukuoka Tower's popular event, Ultra Stairs Climbing Event!
After climbing up the 577 steps, you will see an incredible view.

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Hello! I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. Fukuoka Tower holds various events depending on the season. Do you know the annual event which has been held since the tower opened? That is the Ultra Stairs Climbing Event! Normally, you can go up to the observatory floor by elevator, but this is an event where you can climb up the stairs. This precious experience is only available on the day of the event held in May and October. I also joined to check it out!

Both adults and children can join the event!
Let's go.

You may think that only people who are exercising regularly can do it, but the stair climbing competition is an event that can be enjoyed even by grand parents as well as small children. You do not compete for time, so you can take your time as much as you like. Five-year-old Mei-chan and two-year-old Akane-chan are going to join us with their mom today. This was the second time for them. Actually, there are many repeaters♪


The goal is the observation floor, which is located 123 meters above the ground, after climbing the 577 stairs. The important thing is to do a warming up exercise! On the day, Futa came to watch us. So we did warming up exercise all together.

With everyone together, even the warming up exercise was fun! After that, there was a commemorative photo time with Futa and the children were delighted! Futa was giving hi-fives for everyone when leaving.

Good luck to you, mate!!!!!


I was sent off by Futa! First of all, get a time recording card at the reception.

We passed through the entrance of the emergency stairs, where we don't normally enter, and let's start! How long will it take? I hope I don't have to give up half way through!? Well, let's go!

You can take your time while enjoying the scenery or taking commemorative photos ...

The stairs of Fukuoka Tower is a spiral one, and it looks like this when you look down on your way up to the goal.

Primary school aged children were climbing up so fast and I lost them soon after leaving the bottom of stairs (@ _ @), but don't worry. Dads and moms who look like not doing much exercise everyday usually go up the stairs at their own pace♪ Since we are not competing for time, we don't have to be in a rush.


You will see this sign when you will just start thinking "I'm getting tired."

Furthermore, the stunning view you can look from the stairs will heal your tiredness! The view is different from the one you look from the observation floor. In particular, when weather is good, Momochi beach looks so beautiful ~ (^^ ♪

I did't know that I came up this high because I was enjoying looking at the scenery and taking commemorative photos on the way!

A little more to go! I was a bit out of breath, but I managed to finish safely! !! !!

When you reach the goal, don't forget to record your time on your card as well as get the commemorative stamp saying "I did it! 577 stairs" I think when you think of 577 stairs, you feel worried about if you can do it. However, most people ,including those who do not usually exercise a lot or people with small children, finish in 15 to 20 minutes. When you hear this, don't you feel like you can do it?

Mei-chan and Akane-chan also arrived at the goal safely! Akane-chan have climbed almost alone! Mei-chan needed to be picked up by her mom for a little while on the way, but walked almost on her own. Let's take a commemorative photo together with your card ♪


The view from the observatory floor after climbing up is exceptional!

Everyone was enjoying this superb view ^^

Lots of rewards other than the superb view! Don't forget to check the participation privilege!

Now, let's enjoy the observation floor! Well, did you sweat quite a bit? Check the back of the time card!

Yes, there are plenty of participation benefits for people who joint the stair climbing event!


There are special benefits you can take advantage of at Sky Cafe & Dining "Refuge" on the observation floor and the souvenir shop on the 1st floor. So please check it out. When you return to the starting point of the bottom of stairs with this time card, you will be rewarded with even more pleasure.

You can get a complimentary coke! It's perfect after doing a lot of exercise! Furthermore, there is a gift of a badge.

There are various types of badges, so choose your favorite one! In addition to the new "Reiwa" version , you can have a special one that you can only get when you try 10 times of the climbing stairs event.


The "Ultra Ultra Stair Climbing Tournament" is held in May and October every year. For more information at any timeEvents informationWe will let you know. Please challenge next time~.


*The 2019 dates are October 13 (Sun) and October 14 (Mon on an public holiday). We look forward to your participation!

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