Recommended for dates ♡
Spend a romantic day at "Lover’s Sanctuary" at Fukuoka Tower.

Hello, this is Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. Today, we would like to propose a recommended "Fukuoka Tower Date Plan" for couples.

In fact, Fukuoka Tower is one of the popular Lover’s Sanctuary spots among couples. Lover’s Sanctuary is a spot chosen under the theme of "love", "proposal," and "marriage," and there are certified spots throughout Japan. The selection committee also includes Yumi Katsura, a famous wedding dress designer, and Shogo Kariyazaki, a flower arrangement artist. Yes, Fukuoka Tower is a romantic spot that is perfect not only for dates but also for proposals!

Take a photo with the heart-shaped object for your memory★

The heart-shaped object, where you can take memorable photos against the background of the Fukuoka cityscape. This is a popular photography spot. This is located at the SKY Play 116 on the Observation 1F.When couples hold hands and touch the switch on the side, the heart will be lit up♡ This is the best moment to take a photo★

Are they enjoying a secret date? I found Futa and a staff! At night time, you can see wonderful night view!

By the way, in front of the heart object, there is a smartphone stand to assist you taking photos! Not only couples, there are also many people who enjoy taking photos with friends and families, so everyone please take a commemorative photo here (* ^-^ *).

What is the "love key legend" in Fukuoka Tower which everyone talks about?

In addition, there are things that are of concern around the heart-shaped objects ... That is the "Oath Fence"!

There is a "Love Key Legend" at Fukuoka Tower Observation Deck. It is said that if couples lock the "Love Key" on the oath fence, they will be together forever! (๑º Lo º ๑)! !

So, the oath fence has so many Love Locks ~ ♡ I can feel the couples' love ~! It is popular not only with Japanese people, but also with overseas tourists.

Love Locks can be purchased from the vending machine on the floor!

Gold and pink are available, so please choose the one you like.

Before put it on the fence, I recommend you to write names, date and messages. The attached Love Lock will be removed two years later and taken to a shrine for prayer for fulfillment ^^ We also sell a commemorative pair medals. These can be a good souvenir for couples.

Let's try a fortune-telling and enjoy food at a cafe!

If you want to know the fate of the both of you, why don't you try this "Message from the Goddess of the Moon"?

Close your eyes, think about what you want to know and get a card. You will find a meaningful message, so please try it together.

After you enjoyed many things on the observation floor, how about taking a break at Sky Cafe "Refuge" ?

You can see a very beautiful scenery from the cafe. Conversation with your boy friend or girl friend will become more lively for sure♡ Moreover, at Refuge, you can order sweets that will definitely look good on SNS! Futa was also surprised! The huge rainbow roll parfait has the motif of Fukuoka Tower. Since it's huge, why don't you try sharing them together?

"Refuge" is a place where you can overlook the cityscape of Fukuoka in the daytime and wonderful night view at night.

The couple seats are perfect for anniversaries, lunches or dinners♪ At lunch time, you can have a pasta and curry at reasonable prices. Dinner course is from 4000 yen. The recommended dinner for two which is good for anniversaries, birthdays or proposal occasions etc. is from 12,000 yen.

A marriage proposal in a romantic situation with such a wonderful night view must be a dream for women ~ ♡

A "Lover’s Sanctuary" where you promise eternal love. Couples should definitely enjoy a nice date at Fukuoka Tower ٩ (ˊᗜˋ *) و

We also introduce Fukuoka souvenirs and limited goods that can be bought at Fukuoka Tower .

Read the special feature of Fukuoka souvenirs that you can buy at Fukuoka Tower

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