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Futa has visited Nishijin shopping street, a place full of warmth of the local people. [Part 1]

Hello, I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. Thank you for reading our Fukuoka Tower's blog! This time, like last time, we will show you a good sightseeing spot where you can visit when you come to Fukuoka Tower! This time, it is Nishijin shopping street.

I heard there are many many shops, right? Exciting♪

Please take a Nishitetsu Bus from Fukuoka Tower to come to Nishishin! It takes about 10 minutes.
It will take only about 20 minutes on foot. It is quite close.

You can even walk there, but it is also good to take Nishitetsu Bus. You can take a bus at "Fukuoka Tower (TNC-TVBLDG)" bus stop and get off at "Nishishin Palace Mae" bus stop. No.10, 15, 54-1 and 94, almost all buses are going there.

It's convenient because buses depart once every 10 minutes!

If you want to walk there, it is recommended to walk through Sazae-san Street. Sazae-san Street is a 1.6 km path from the entrance of Momochi Seaside Park to Wakiyamaguchi intersection, passing in front of Shuyukan High School and Seinan University.

I'm hiding, can you spot where I am?

It is known that Machiko Hasegawa, the author of the national cartoon Sazae-san, came up with the idea while walking down this street. There are a statue of Sazae-san and signs along the way. It is fun to find them while taking a walk .

Pedestrians first. It's a lively place for people!
Let's start exploring Nishishin Shopping Street♪

It is collectively called as Nishijin shopping street, but actually it consist of seven different shopping areas including "Nishijin Main Shopping Street", "Katsutaka Suijin Shopping Street", " Hatoya Shindo Shopping Street", " Nishishin Meitengai", "B-dish" and "Nakanishi Shopping Street." There are lots of attractive shops lined up on the 1.5 km street from Hiigawa to Fujisaki intersection.

I can't wait!! Oh, I have spotted on an old lady who sells vegetables in a cart in the middle of the street! Let's check it out.

Oh, Futa - wait wait!

It has a long history from the 1950s after the war.
A group of people are selling a variety of goods on their handcarts!

Hello! What are you selling for?

Grandma Hisae Matsuo kindly responded , "Oh, are you taking a film about me? "


Hey Futa. Handcart sellers are the specialty of this Nishishin Shopping Street. They sell seasonal vegetables, home-made pickles, cut flowers etc. It is actually quite famous in Japan. They sell their goods between 13:00 and 19:00 (closed on Sundays) when the shopping street is closed to vehicles.

I heard Hisae has been doing this for 50 years! It's amazing! You don't see in the photo, but I got a kiss from her♡


"Oh, someone is coming from the other side" says Hisae.

Here is Hisae's husband!

... Ohhh No, he'll get angry at me if he finds out about the kiss. I gonna hide somewhere ...

No, that wasn't the case. They were a very nice couple! Mr. and Mrs. Matsuo sell vegetables, fruits such as citrus fruits, and hand-made yuzu gosho (I bought it! It was sooo yum!) on the handcart. Please come and see this lovely old lady, Hisae.

A lot of delicious food!!! This made Futa much satisfied.

I am hungryyyyyyyy. I am starrrrrrving.

I know Futa! You must be so hungry.

I usually eat at a restaurant in Fukuoka Tower, but today I saved for this.

Hahaha, you sound like you are going to enjoy a lot of food in the shopping district! Well, what about this long-established udon restaurant located at the entrance of the shopping street?

Looks nice!!! It must be so delicious!!!

This is Yaohachi Udon located in Katsutakasuijin shopping street. "Yum, cheap and fast" written on the wall. Many are regular customers who have been coming since a long ago. It is always busy during the daytime!

Customers can choose "udon OR soba" and "warm or cold." It is only 250 yen for a bowl of warm udon!! Amazing price. You can also order toppings from a selection lined up on the table. Since you pay when you order, it will be easier if you prepare money in advance.

I bought a bowl of warm udon with a tempura burdock on top!

Delicious soup and soft udon noodles, crispy burdock tempura... this is Hakata's soul food.

Rice balls with udon. These are all reasonably priced, but it makes you full and taste is also nice!


There are many other toppings such as shrimp tempura, sardine tempura, and deep fried oysters, so please enjoy your favorite toppings.


Well after satisfying your stomach, let's walk around the shopping street! If you keep going ahead ...

Wwwait a moment! There is a bun shop. It is so popular that there is always a line.

Are you going to eat even more, Futa? A little while ago, you even finished all of your noodle soup though. But you are already in a line anyway!

Houraku Manju is a very popular bun shop that in Fukuoka. Of course you can take it home with you, but it is also nice to buy freshly baked hot ones and eat while strolling around the shopping street!

The bun, which cost 100 yen each, is filled up with so much red bean curd♪ Because it is not too sweet so that even men who don't usually eat sweets can enjoy it. There are many customers on Saturdays and Sundays, so you will have to wait in a long line.

In the second part, we will walk around the shopping street! Look forward to it.

Go to Nishishin Shopping Street [Part 2]!

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