There are night views with a sky full of stars and SNS spots!
Fukuoka Tower at night is perfect for a date.

Hello! I'm Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. This blog is about how to enjoy Fukuoka Tower. This time's theme is Fukuoka Tower at Night!


Fukuoka Tower opens from 9:30 in the morning, and you can actually enjoy until 22:00 (the latest admission is 21:30). In addition, we offer special fun that you can only enjoy from the dusk to the night ~ ^^ I'm going to talk about it together with Futa!

You can see perfect sunset of Hakata Bay from the Observation Deck! It's so beautiful.

If you want to enjoy Fukuoka Tower at night, come before getting dark! Actually, the sunset seen from the observatory floor is very nice. The setting sun illuminates Hakata Bay. The surface of the water gets colored with orange, and you will be fascinated by the glittering scene ~ ♡ Some people even take a video of the sunset. It's so beautiful that you even forget about the passage of time.

Please come to the tower to see the sunset.

The observation floor at night time is so romantic & perfect for Instagram★

After enjoying the sunset view, you can enjoy this next♪


Look at this night view!

You can't see the beauty of the view in the photograph unfortunately. It was actually chosen one of the Top 100 night views. Especially the view of Hakata city with the lights of the buildings and headlights of the cars are so bright, which is recommended for photo shooting. It's a romantic scenery, which is different from daytime, so it's perfect for a date.


In addition, at SKY Illumination on the third floor of the observation deck, you can take a wonderful photos like this with the night view on the background. It will look perfect on SNS. In the daytime, the floor looks like a normal one but in fact this iscovered by phosphorescent stones, and at night it shines like a starry sky.

A popular photo spot always with a line. Futa lined up and took a commemorative photo♪ Heart-shaped stones are hidden among the other stones, so be sure to look for them.


Also pay attention to the Magic window on the first floor of the observation deck! Magic window is a spot where you can enjoy the world of virtual reality that combines almost real-time cityscapes and images.

UFOs and robots appear above the city of Fukuoka in the daytime. Of course, the daytime version is fun, but at night time, it collaborates with the night view and makes it even more enjoyable!

UFO attack! !! !!

In particular, the video of this UFO looks very realistic at night, and you can enjoy it in a different atmosphere from the one at daytime!

Couples must drop in at Sky Cafe & Dining "Refuge"

At Fukuoka Tower at night, there are many couples who enjoy dating. It's a spot where you can take instagram-worthy memorable photos in a romantic landscape that changes from sunset to night, and it seems that your time will be exciting. We would like all of these couples to stop by at Sky Cafe & Dining "Refuge"is.


Refuge where you can enjoy a parfait that would definitely look good on Instagram.

In bright weather during daytime, you can spend a refreshing time while looking out over the cityscape of Fukuoka with the blue sky. Cafe time by the window is so comfortable that you will want to spend your time there forever!

Refuge at night becomes such an romantic space for adults spending good time ❤

Not only the cafe menu but also alcohol menu is available. What a romantic time you can spend. Of course, you can see the night view from anywhere, not only at the counter, but also at seats for couples.

At night time, course meals and pair dinners are available. You can also choose a cake being served with a message, so it's perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries and proposals. Reservations are required for the dinner courses by the day before. "I want make a nice dinner to be a surprising gift to my boyfriend or girlfriend!" Anyone who think like is, please come to the restaurant and spend wonderful time here. ^^

Illuminations that change according to each season! Also recommended for surprising occasions.

Furthermore what we should not forget is the Fukuoka Tower illuminations ★You can enjoy it every day from sunset until 11pm.

Here is the most standard illumination. This represents Momochi beach's wave and wind. This highlights the characteristic triangle design and create a sense of movement. There are also special sparkling time on every hour.


In addition to this, limited illuminations will be available for each season such as Valentine's Day, Tanabata, moon viewing and Halloween! In a strange place, the Sazae-san version has appeared after " Sazaesan Street " which starts from Momochi Seaside Park . As you walk around the city of Fukuoka, there are several spots where you can see the Fukuoka Tower.What kind of illumination is it today?Please enjoy it even from a distance ♪


In addition, we also offer a service to help you with celebration surprises and proposals with this illumination.

that name as well"Color illumination❤This service is limited to one group per day.

How was it? Fukuoka Tower night is perfect for a date. Please spend a nice and romantic time with your loved ones at night.

Also on this page, we talk about how to enjoy the night at Fukuoka Tower!

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