Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge and Restaurant Renga Club where you can enjoy Fukuoka Tower gourmet food.

Hello! I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. Well, what is an essential part of your journey? I know unique sceneries and experiences you can have only on tourist spots you visit are important. But I know many people are actually interested in delicious local gourmet food.Not only delicious food, but also ones perfect to post on is always fun to look for yummy local food. Now, I would like to talk about food that you can enjoy at Fukuoka Tower together with Futa.

Sky restaurant & cafe Refuge with a superb view overlooking from 120 meters above ground.

So far, this blog has introduced SKY View 123 located on the top floor of the Observation Deck, and SKY Play 116 on the first floor of the Observation Deck, but there is actually another recommended spot on the observatory floor. That is Sky Cafe & Dining Refuge.

Refuge is a sky restaurant located on 120 meters high. There is an entrance in the middle of the stairs connecting SKY View 123 and SKY Play 116. When you enter the restaurant, you will first be greeted with a superb view.

There are counter seats overlooking the center of Fukuoka City and table seats overlooking Hakata Bay. In addition to these, there are couple seats on the side you can overlook Itoshima. They offer a wide variety of tables and seats, so you can enjoy different views.

At Refuge, a variety of menus are available and you can use according to your purpose, such as lunch, dinner, coffee time, dinner courses, wine and cocktails, but here is Futa's recommendation!

Rainbow roll parfait (⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)

The parfait with colorful roll cakes and ice cream is a 1/1000 size replica of Fukuoka Tower, which is about 23.4 cm high! Fukuoka's cityscape is handwritten on the parfait bowl, and the blue jelly is used to express Hakata Bay. It's a work of art! It is a sweet that definitely looks good on Instagram.

Of course, the taste is also nice! The taste of each roll cake is different, so you won't get tired of eating it. When I got used to the sweetness, I got to the part of refreshing ice cream and got back to roll cakes again ... I could eat it endlessly! It is also recommended to share with friends and couples (¯꒳¯) b ✧

Refuge is also recommended to visit at night. You can enjoy a course dinner while watching the night view.

A dinner eating while enjoying such a wonderful view will be a special time ♡

Side dish buffet is popular! At Renga Club, delicious meat dishes are recommended.

It's nice to have a nice view, but I want to enjoy delicious food to my heart's content! For those of you who prefer dumplings over flowers, the restaurant “ Renga Club ” on the First Floor is perfect for you. This Western-style restaurant is popular not only with tourists, but also with business people who work nearby.

❤Actually, Renga Club is a restaurant run by a meat wholesaler. It's not like meat isn't delicious!


The chef's favorite is the beef steak bowl!

The slightly lean steak will whet your appetite. The beef steak here is made by slow-cooking rare parts such as the beef neck at a low temperature. That's why it's soft and moist, and you can really feel the umami that's unique to meat. It is surprising that this volume is only 950 yen!

Renga Club also has a private room for 2 to 30 people will fit.

Private rooms are only available for dining guests and must be booked by the day before. Please feel free to contact them if you like to enjoy your meal with small children, or if you like to use a private room for a group of your friends etc. to enjoy chatting.

[Outside of the tower] Check out Kita Kitsune Ice Cream located right near Fukuoka Tower!

I introduced the restaurants in Fukuoka Tower, but another recommendation is Kita Kitsune Ice Cream which is right next to Fukuoka Tower. This is a shop where you can enjoy soft serve ice cream and crepes, but I'm amazed at the variations toppings they offer. Not only standard strawberries or banana chocolate, but also berry cheese tart, caramel macchiato, or tiramisu flavor! I'm not sure which to choose o (Ŏ ㅿ Ŏ o ≡ o Ŏ ㅿ Ŏ) o This time I got the popular Strawberry milk ~ ♡

Enjoying delicious food is also a pleasure of traveling. Enjoy the gourmet food unique to Fukuoka Tower!

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