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Free admission and lots of surprises and discoveries! "Fukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center"

Hello, I'm a Fukuoka Tower sky attendant. Thank you for visiting our blog♪ Fukuoka Tower is, of course, a fun place, but did you know there are a lot of interesting tourist spots nearby? I'm going to introduce you to many interesting spots with Futa, where you can visit before or after coming to Fukuoka Tower! This time it's "Fukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center".

Oh, it sounds fun♪

About 8 minutes walk from Fukuoka Tower ! You can learn many things about disaster prevention here.

About 8 minutes walk from Fukuoka Tower through a quiet tree-lined path. The Fukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center is very close to Fukuoka Tower. That's why I recommend you to visit when you think, "I have some free time what can I do?" or "It's still too early to watch the Fukuoka Tower illumination, so where can I go?"


The "Fukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center" is a facility managed by the Fukuoka City Fire Department to acquire knowledge, skills, and action regarding disaster prevention. Not only children but also adults have a lot to learn.

Seeing as I'm representing Fukuoka Tower. I gotta learn hard!... Wow, there's a cool helicopter over there! !! Yeah♪

It's a real helicopter! My first time to see it this close!

Yes, I've seen helicopters flying around from the observation deck at Fukuoka Tower, but it's first time for me to see it this close, too! You can even get into the cockpit and take pictures.

Can you actually have disaster experiences here? Yes. Please make a reservation for the experiencing session and learn about disasters.

Come on, Futa. When you make a reservation in advance here, you can experience simulated disasters. After listening to the explanation about disaster prevention at the guidance theater, you can try out four disasters, such as, fire, fire fighting, earthquake and strong wind! I wonder what it's like ... I'm excited. Aren't you, Futa?.


The disaster experience sessions take about 1 hour. They are held 6 times a day at 9:30, 10:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30. Please make a reservation by the day before.

The room is filled with smoke and it's dark. Can you see anything? Fire experience.

The first thing I experienced was a fire experience. When you enter a room that looks like the one in an office building, smoke comes out from the back ...! !

And the room went completely dark! Where is the exit? I was so scared to walk in the darkness ...! !

Where is the exit? I can't see anything! Oh no, lots of smoke! ! Cough-cough...

Oh, Futa. You look like being a little panicked.

The important thing is

Keep your hands on the wall

Do not inhale smoke

These two! It is also important to lower your body and hold your mouth with a handkerchief or hand so that you do not inhale smoke. In many cases, the fire death is caused by monoxide poisoning due to inhaling too much smoke rather than burning. So it's important not to inhale smoke!


Cough-cough...! I breathed in a lot smoke ... It's important to stay calm and not panic, isn't it? I will remember it!

Can you extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher? Fire fighting experience.

Next is a fire fighting experience. While watching the image on a monitor in front of you, you actually put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. Futa, do you know what the fire extinguisher is?

Of course, there are fire extinguishers on each floor at Fukuoka Tower!!

So, do you know how to use it?

Ummm, I don’t actually know…


Like Futa. Actually many people don't know how to use it. I heard many of them become panic when needing to use it in a real situation. Here, people can have the experience of extinguishing the fire.

Remove the pin of the fire extinguisher, hold the hose, target the fire on the screen, and shoot out the water! ! It looks like a simple task but this is quite difficult! Do you know how long you can release the extinguishing agent with a single fire extinguisher for?


… It's about 15 seconds! ! So how can you extinguish a fire in such a short time? What is the most important thing when facing a fire?


Well, you can get so many information on disaster prevention here. You may be misunderstanding something, so it's really helpful to be able to experience actual things and learn correct information.

Earthquake of seismic intensity 7. This will be more intense than what you will expect. Earthquake experience.

One of the latest large disasters in our memory is earthquakes, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. Here, you can actually experience seismic intensity 1 to 7 earthquake.


Wow wow ...! ! I can't be standing up! !


It looks like not moving in the picture, but it is actually shaking! It's like a roller coaster moving randomly.

It's shaking harder than I expected...! ! The table is fixed in the simulated experience, but of course in the event of an actual disaster, in addition to shaking, the danger increases when furniture and tableware falls off.


Fukuoka Tower is so thin ... So it will shake a lot when an earthquake hits, right?


Oh, Futa. You are a mascot character of Fukuoka Tower. You must know that Fukuoka Tower was designed to withstand with a seismic intensity 7 earthquake.

!! !! Well, of course I knew. After all, Fukuoka Tower is amazing!

Hahaha Futa. Are you sure? I will tell our colleague working at the public relations department later♪

Please Don't...

Does the wind blowing 30 meters per second actually hurt? Strong wind experience.

The last one is a strong wind experience. With goggles, you can experience wind blowing up to 30 meters per second.

Comparing to an earthquake and fire, strong wind should be too easy♪I'll go on by myself.


Ahhh, you sound like considering the strong wind not so serious... Futa. Let's see how you go.

Hmmm, the foo came out of the wind.

[Wind speed 13m] ?

[Wind speed 25 meters per second] Ahhh!!! I gonna get blown away !! It actually hurts! It's too shaky to take a photo....Please don't mind the hand in the photo...!


People wear goggles when they do this, anyway this was more intense than I imagined!!! We could only experience wind speed up to 25 meters per second because Futa gave up, however, people can also experience wind speed up to 30 meters per second.

Ahhhhh. I thought that the antenna on top of my head could fall off....


By the way, Fukuoka Tower was built to withstand a wind speed of 63 meters per second. Although it is located on the seaside, we have no problem with strong wind♪

How do you call 119? "Lesson 119/171"

After experiencing all sorts of disasters, let's learn how to report by phone. Go to "Lesson 119/171", a section where you can experience calling "119" to report to the fire department or calling "171" a message dial for disasters.

A simulated experience of requesting a rescue by calling 119 from a public phone, mobile phone and home phone!


I thought it was actually difficult to explain the situation.

"It's fire station. Is it a fire or do you need an ambulance?"

"What is your address?"

"What's around you?"

All I had to do was answering to the questions, but if I am in a real situation, how calm I can be to tell them all the information ... I'm not confident about this. How about you, Futa?

The address is ... Fukuoka Tower! Something around the sea!


... Futa, I don't think the ocean is a good indication ...


In addition, there are various sections such as “Flood and Earthquake Countermeasures Corner” with 3D movies.

Next to the entrance, there are firefighters' uniforms, coats and hats. You can also try them on to be like a real firefighter here.

Lastly, I had a talk with Faita-kun, the mascot character of the Fukuoka City Fire Department.


Faita "Let's work hard to defend peace for Fukuoka City!"

Faita-kun ...! ! You can be my mentor from now on! !


There are many things to do and learn at the Fukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center. Please also visit there when you come to Fukuoka Tower.


Fukuoka Citizens Disaster Prevention Center

Business Hours / 9: 30-17: 00 (Last admission 16:30)

Regular holiday / Closed on Mondays and the last Tuesday of each month, from December 28 to January 4 *Not closed during summer vacation period.

TEL / 092-847-5991


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