Bus or Train Users

Access from Hakata Station

Take the Hakata Exit from Hakata Station and turn right to find the Hakata Bus Terminal.

Take Nishitetsu Bus No.306 from bus stop No.6 at the Hakata Bus Terminal and get off at Fukuoka Tower.

  • 2 minute walk from Hakata Station
  • Hakata Bus Terminal

    Bus Stop No.6
    Nishitetsu Bus 306
  • About 25 minutes
  • Fukuoka Tower

The timetable from Hakata Station
You can check it on the Nishitetsu Bus website.

Nishitetsu Bus timetable

ACCESS from Tenjin

From Tenjin, take Nishitetsu Bus W1, 302 from Bus Stop 1A in front of the Tenjin Bus Center and get off at Fukuoka Tower .

  • Tenjin Bus Center

    Bus Stop 1A
    Nishitetsu Bus W1,302
  • About 15 minutes
  • Fukuoka Tower

Access by subway

Take the Airport Subway Line and get off at Nishijin Station. You can either walk or take the Nishitetsu Bus to Fukuoka Tower.

Fukuoka Subway Timetable

The walking route from Nishijin Station
Please confirm it on Google Maps.

Check on Google Maps

Returning by bus

From Fukuoka Tower (TNC-TVBLDG) or from Fukuoka Tower South Exit Bus Stop, please take the Nishitetsu Bus.

How to return to Tenjin

Bus stopBus number
A Fukuoka Tower 302 ・ W2 ・ W1 ・ 305 ・ 44 ・ 200 ・ 204 ・ 151 ・ 152
B Fukuoka Tower South Exit 302 ・ W1

About 20 minutes Tenjin

How to return to Hakata

Bus stopBus number
A Fukuoka Tower 312 ・ 306 ・ 139
B Fukuoka Tower South Exit 312 ・ 306

About 25 minutes Hakata Station